Laser " compose is built " interrelate circuit

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Laser technology offerred another alternative for the production of electric circuit. Graph 1, laser etchs the details picture of alumina carrier. In microelectronics domain, pottery and porcelain often is used as circuit carrier because of its good dimension stability. Use production integrated circuit normally (IC) the method will make these carrier: In layer of the metal on the plating on carrier of pottery and porcelain, use model of colophony attack by surprise next, and the electric circuit pattern that the basis sets, undertake etching through photoetching law. Useless metallic area is dissolved by chemical solution, keep lead only. The advantage of this kind of technology is high resolution and ability of multistage circuit batch processing (can reduce unit cost) , defect depends on this technology basically applying to planar base, and the cost that this craft needs to lower standard of photoetching attack by surprise with massive turnout. Another kind etchs the method of circuit design is to use stimulate beam of light to etch directly metallic layer and do not need standard of attack by surprise. This kind of craft calls laser small treatment or laser ablation because of its ablation metal, use is flexible, special apply to shape quickly. Laser can make uninterrupted way on the many plane of three-dimensional carrier. Use laser ablation, the engineer can be made for microelectronics component three-dimensional enclose. Because be mixed in accuracy, speed,etch optionally the respect has an advantage quite, solid state laser has made the mainstream choice that small treatment uses. Graph 2, the spiral on alumina disc is current, french Microcertec company uses output power the Nd:Y of 60 tileAG laser will etch the thin metallic film that ply does not exceed 5 micron. If need thicker metallic layer, undertake eletroplating after etch. This laser can make a very petty structure component. Graph 1 those who show is the linear contrail that the width that contains space of 100 micron insulation is 100 micron. Transverse resolution has a few micron only. Show here interrelate the style is double-faced distributing the disc periphery at 30 millimeter diameter. Ablation process makes an appointment with 20 minutes continuously. Laser ablation is one constructs on base directly the technology of off the rails mark. This technology can etch quickly style and displacement of beam of light of absoluteness ground programmed control. The tool of exclusive need is the clamping apparatus of retaining element. Accordingly, can cut installation and the cost that model of attack by surprise requires and time of preparation of put into production, make craft is applied to thereby shape quickly. Graph 2 those who show is the contrail that programmed control generates. Graph 3, component of form of characters or letters is connected in what insulation area has on two height. Laser clear is ground can etch easily those photoetching laws cannot payable area. If the graph is shown 3 times, laser ablation can etch through changing anxious plane the area of two metals film that is located in different height to go up. Successional graph of the graph 4, successive gush plating 3 plane. Laser etchs is one can be in odd the Xiang Linping of a carrier carries the perfect technology with successional graph on the face. Provide representative example to be able to generate the join contrail along a flight of stairs namely most. Graph 4 those who show is to be located in those who establish a face to go up to maintain two horizontal electric connective a series of conductor. Laser technology still can generate the successive contrail around cylinder, if pursue,5 are shown. Had laser ablation technology, the engineer can develop a chemistry to etch the type that place cannot make. If the graph is shown 6 times, on carrier of production pottery and porcelain, lead interrelates the different plane of component, turn into thereby true microelectronics circuit. Microcertec company calls this one concept three-dimensional interrelate circuit (Three-dimensional Interconnection Circuit) , or CI3D. Graph 5, the helicoid around alumina cylinder. Laser etchs requirement engineer is familiar with metal be etchinged and base material very much. While experience can help an engineer cut thin metal film in corrode, won't damage base, and be opposite the thermal shock of orbit brim is very little. Experience still conduces to pair of component undertaking efficient clean and won't destroy interrelate orbit. Apply essence of pottery and porcelain of some products benefit from benefit from to grind a technology, and the laser ablation technology to thin metal film. Appearance of definition carrier geometry mixes him client interrelate circuit, namely custom-built product. Representative application domain includes military affairs, medical treatment and photoelectricity facility. Graph 6, CI3D style passes use circuit carrier, final user can interrelate according to what define oneself diode of design general sensor, calculator, chip, glow (LED) wait for microelectronics component join to rise. The demand of this kind of product arises to realize machinery and electronic function on same carrier at need on one hand, on the other hand generation is enclosed at needing small-sized electron. Carrier of pottery and porcelain still has good dimension stability and electric insulating properties. Finally, etch on each plane distinctive and mixed join pattern, of need is process designing time merely, need not cost of additional model of attack by surprise. This one concept satisfied microelectronics component mutual the demand of dimensional fixed position between, offerred those who replace mixture component to simplify solution. This also applies to lunar output to only yuan of parts of an apparatus of thousands of is made. CNC Milling