10 thousand be able to bear or endure boring cutter of pneumatic of especially much tine

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This boring cutter was united in wedlock 10 thousand be able to bear or endure technology of especially patent Kam-set essence attune and measure a technology, acquire boring tool of the high accuracy that uses on private plane, efficient air cylinder aperture all characteristics, 0 what can use workshop mark to match directly.

4 ~ 0.

The compression of 6MPa air, need not add other pressure boost equipment, the high-pressured cooling fluid that also can use 5MPa comes clip of drive essence boring cutter, its half essence boring, parameter of cutting of boring of essence of life can be adjusted alone, still have the characteristic with maintenance low cost. This product can help a client reduce cost in the following respect, create value: 1. On machining center boring of half essence boring, essence of life is machined apart, in order to avoid the vibration that at the same time treatment produces, half essence boring and end face pour horn to use the treatment means that turns boring, boring of essence of life uses the treatment means that pulls boring, avoid to decline knife mark; 2. Automatic compensation comes true on machining center; 3. Tall treatment precision and Gao Ke rely on a gender. CNC Milling