27 shafts are large the development of drilling machine of door of numerical control dragon

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Wait for an industry as a result of equipment of power station equipment, briny desalt, chemical industry and air conditioning currently swift and violent development, the plank of these industries needs to get, enlarge counts an aperture even by tens of thousands. The public errand of these aperture and pitch all have quite high demand. No matter average drilling machine all achieves so high demand hard from speed, precision and efficiency (aperture public errand is ± 0.

05mm) . The developed country such as the United States, Japan all develops drilling machine of door of much axis dragon, and our country has Shenyang to produce drilling machine of bit of the platoon outside 2 axes numerical control only. To satisfy the need that utility boiler creates, concerned factory imported drilling machine of door of dragon of much stage numerical control, every are as high as millions dollar. For fill home blank, shanghai accurate machinery creates limited company, constituent force develops a success 27 shafts are large drilling machine of door of numerical control dragon, its precision, efficiency all reachs world advanced level. This machine tool but to two-terminal and outspread make 5 rods, 7 axes, 13 axes, also but to high end 35 axes are extended (only the United States has made) . 1, ZKM27 technology parameter gets axial gross to measure   size range of pipe bent is opposite 27 axes φ the fixed position of 30 the following aperture, auger, enlarge,   of dimension of workbench of aperture of bore with a reamer 7500 × 5000mm is the biggest machine an area 7000 × power of electric machinery of servo of axis of 400mm X of   of   of journey of axis of 630mm Y of   of   of journey of 7000mm Z axis of   of   of journey of 4500mm X axis, power of electric machinery of axial servo of 75Nm Z of torque 14kW   ,   of   of   of   of power of electric machinery of axial servo of 75Nm Y of torque 11kW   5.

General power of 7kW machine tool FANUC of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of system of numerical control of 150kW of   of   of   of       , characteristic of 18I 2, structure 2.

1Drive of axis of X of X axis journey, by FANUC α 50 servo electric machinery, classics 1:10 decelerate machine increases torque, drive ball nut to rotate, make cross saddle and dragon mast are in thereby X to shift. Bestow favor on as a result of workpiece bulk big, heavy, drilling machine of door of large data dragon, all be workbench is secured, dragon mast movable type. 2 slip by 4 groups of high accuracy linear slideway bearing, dragon mast span amounts to 6800mm, dragon mast moves by electric machinery of 2 or so servo strict synchronism. Germany of ball guide screw is imported, double nut form circulates inside, guide screw length amounts to 9500mm, among them whorl grows 7870mm. The treatment of this ball guide screw, heat treatment, grinding has quite difficulty. Nut is rotational, guide screw is fixed, reduced the moment of inertia that place of servo electric machinery needs and torque greatly, also reduced the precision demand to bearing of bearing ball guide screw. Of X axis journey detecting is the coder of high accuracy position that installs by place of axis of servo electric machinery will come true. Numerical control system undertook to X axis pitch error is compensated, assure ± of bore precision ≤ 0.

05mm. Graph outline drawing of 1 machine tool 2.

2Journey of fluctuation of broach of Z axis journey is comprised by 2 parts, it is next shift on transverse whole, by 2 α 50 servo electric machinery finishs this. The 2 fluctuation that are main shaft box and broach move, it is to pass hydraulic pressure to oil cylinder drives main shaft casing and be finished. 27 axes, 27 electromagnetism a powerful person, each electromagnetism a powerful person controls an oil cylinder to fluctuate. When requiring drill, numerical control programme controll is corresponding electromagnetism a powerful person, make oil cylinder takes main shaft case, broach moves downward, make the bit that needs bore outstanding and outer, fall to drive of servo electric machinery in Z next, the horizontal stroke moves downward, the movement of the bore that finish. If broach passivation, rupture, get the twice that cut force to increase, can call the police automatically, transverse stop to drop, assure broach on the safe side. Transverse fluctuation by electric machinery of servo of 50Nm of 2 or so α , pass MF150SL11:10 decelerate machine, make DF1-8010-4 of ball guide screw rotates, horizontal balance fluctuates. FANUC18i makes speed of 2 electric machinery balanced, strict and synchronous. Because transverse the disequilibrium sex with broach cutting load, transverse left and right sides two side broach how many differ, broach horizontal blade wears away rate is not first-class reason, be in for this transverse left, in, right design has 3 balances oil cylinder, achieve load at any time balanced. 2.

3Axis of Y of Y axis journey moves, it is transverse or so shift is made in cross saddle. Y axis motion also is drive roll of ball guide screw by machine of servo electric machinery, decelerate, make thereby transverse shift. Transverse Y is propped up by each 3 or so linear slideway to shift. Whole and transverse Y is better to tigidity, the distance is shorter (400mm) , from inside the graph knowable, contain in wrong department only servo electric machinery, transverse right ministry Y to have bearing guide only. Experiment through function of much work cutting, the dragon mast of big span is mobile and smooth, fixed position precision is tall, without flutter phenomenon. 2.

27 broach divide the whirligig of 4 broach into 4 groups, it is 7+7+7+6=27 respectively, each groups adopt reducer casing speed change by electromotor of a Y180L-A22kW, drive a group of broach to rotate, broach rotate speed is controlled by reducer casing handle, have rotate speed of tall, medium, low much archives, get in order to suit, the need of enlarge, bore with a reamer. This machine tool still has overhead suspension to boast system of the bits that enrage a platoon and cooling system. This machine tool filed multinomial country patent, reported award of achievement of science and technology. 3, all movements of numerical control system and machine tool of electric control ZKM27 are by FANUC18i, system of MB numerical control will control carry out. Current and character, system of this numerical control is a kind of relatively good advanced numerical control system. It has a lot of special functions to be able to satisfy the requirement of ZKM27 machine tool. Have AI to forecast control ahead of schedule from it for the function, ZKM27 has high speed of 27 need that get a shaft to be controlled continuously, need weaves many machine program paragraph will dominate an action, if pick the treatment way that in order to goes, often can affect treatment metre, pursue now plan of distribution of 2 machine tools is in can read beforehand take many machine program paragraph, implementation getting cuts speed first-rate to add / decelerate control, raised the treatment speed of the machine tool and precision effectively. In addition it has coordinate system to rotate function, when workpiece includes a few figures that by certain typical form rotates to come, when process designing, can make up the subprogram of this appearance, rotating to call it later, the process designing that gives work brings more flexibility. It still has memory pitch error to compensate a function, to guide screw pitch error or mechanical system medium error undertakes compensating, compensation data stores with parameter form in CNC memory, it is this to be able to raise the fixed position precision of the machine tool further. Additionally we still can use an user grand program / grand carry out implement work out all sorts of machine program, make a few complex machine program turn into to understand easily simply. More important is the function that it has synchronism of two groups of two axes to move, especially its servo HRV control, through rotating flowing servo electric machinery, the electric current of high accuracy detects, tall answer the hardware such as the pulse coder with high resolution and servo HRV pilot organic union, realized the feed control of high speed high accuracy, make the synchronous exercise of the two axes in ZKM27 more good. The electrical system of this machine tool uses advanced design concept and design technology, integrate ergonomics principle adequately, use the modern design method such as CAD and tool extensively, make machine tool function reliable, the operation is convenient, control freely. ZKM27 was used 10.

The chromatic LCD liquid crystal of 4 implement show, the picture is clear. Operate machine tool of face plate park ahead, operation face plate uses the standard face plate of FANUC, note graphic symbol and Chinese note interpret. Adjust setting of feed speed switch to be on face plate, handlers can machine the actual condition in the process to amend cutting parameter according to cutting, so that obtain first-rate cutting result. Adjust parameter to have: Fast feed correction: F0, 10, 50, 100%4 is planted. Working feed correction: 0, 1, 2, .

, 200%16 is planted. If the graph shows large numerical control facility 3 times to be used at all sorts of machining domains widely,handle case, to satisfy treatment a few cardinal principle are accumulated, the component of high accuracy needs. Use the numerical control device of type of door of a few large dragon and bridge-type, in use adds what differ because of torque in retarded motion process and cause to dragon mast or bridge to damage to avoid, often used the synchro control of two axes drive. Alleged synchro control, the athletic statement drive that uses a coordinate namely advocate when electric machinery drives electric machinery of a driven to be the same as thereby, move, pass what measure to shift of these two electric machinery to detect, displacement deviation feedback wins simultaneous error compensation to numerical control system, the displacement deviation between two electric machinery capacity control is inside a very little scope. The equipment of tool of large scale computer that ZKM27 is type of door of a kind of dragon, the machine tool used the athletic rod of two groups of synchro control, namely Z of X Xiang Zhouhe to the axis, two groups of synchronous axle control that electric machinery of servo of 50i of the α in using FANUC respectively drives lever of two ball silk to comprise. After machine tool course is debugged, travel of synchronous report accident is flowing, have good dynamic quality and control precision. Graph box of operation of 3 machine tools is in equipment of large numerical control, because its power is greater, mutation of the electric current when be being connected is very big, generate all sorts of interference easily. The equipment of ZKM27 was used defend interference measure in great quantities. Take the input interference to coming from electrified wire netting seriously especially, adopted certain measure, protect action to arriving since unusual input. We used power supply of alone electrified wire netting to this equipment, the use that prevents other equipment and cause the interference inside electrified wire netting. Additionally we still use surge to absorb implement, the act that admits the electric equipment component that comes from this equipment and generation interference, can draw the signal of additional noise information that inputs a system again at the same time. Bigger to a few power electromotor, used a heavenly body, the triangle starts way, start electric current in order to reduce. To commonly used electric machinery, we used space safeguard, restrained the interference that comes from space effectively thereby. Distributing in cable in, we controlled line and dynamical route strictly mix outfit, reduce them as far as possible between string of faze of signal. The connection between FANUC servo amplifier and system was used fiber-optic (FSSB) join, reduced a system greatly again so likely to the interference of the signal between servo. The operation cent of this machine tool is moved for the hand and automatic two kinds of operation method. Of equipment debug and peripheral equipment (cooling, hydraulic pressure) start, can move an operation to come true through the hand, and of the machine tool move automatically to pass a program to carry out below automatic means only. 27 root getting axes are debugged can be executed through MDI means. It is mutual and interlocking that the hand uses operation and automation, when moving automatically, the hand moves an operation to disable, because operate error,can avoid thereby, cause the damage that increases workpiece. This machine tool besides X, z besides linkage of two groups of synchronous axes, the left and right sides that still has Y axis is mobile, 27 deep aperture get axial fluctuation to move, the position when shift detects, return those who have deep aperture bit to wear away detect wait for all feedback signal to answer seasonable, correct. All these comes true completely by PLC. FANUC18i system used the PLC of SB7 version to weave. Its operation speed is splitting, can achieve 0.

Pace of 03 μ Sec/ , and the capacity can amount to 64000 paces, the act of machine tool of so complete can contented ZKM27 is sophisticated, the demand with high demand. Numerical control device has a lot of functions, can show all sorts of job state of the machine tool, be like the purpose position of each reference axis, show buy of v/arc be on the throne, actual feed speed, all sorts of movement signal of the machine tool are waited a moment. Once breakdown appears in treatment process, stop automatically machine show breakdown content, operation personnel can analyse a reason instantly, remove trouble, brought very big convenience to maintenance work so, also can reduce the machine down time of equipment, raise the utilization rate of the machine tool. CNC Milling