BMW releases Apple Watch to use car of usable watch remote control

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[Summary] the IRemote application that BMW rolled out Apple Watch platform recently, and had been worn on App Store. This application is now undertake technically redesigning in the light of Apple Watch. The apple became a lot of other domain manufacturers to blend in element of science and technology the goal with him the mainest product almost now, and the issuance of Apple Watch is to let this one platform carry forward more, car domain became next Apple Watch to develop the new arena of main effect now. BMW of luxurious car manufacturer rolled out the I Remote application of Apple Watch platform recently, and had been worn on App Store. This long-range control of BMW had had the version of the smartphone before application, and undertake technically now redesigning in the light of Apple Watch again. Include I3 electric car and I8 to insert electric type to mix motivation two models support the link with Apple Watch. In the starting picture of App, the user can examine car condition, other car information is examined after perhaps entering 2 level bill of fare, it is good to include the door to whether be locked up, scuttle or mothball case master worker are in open condition. In the meantime, the user can make a function control the function inside the car through remote programmed control, include the open air conditioning, car that start to wait. What need an attention nevertheless is, be restricted only through App pilot function the system inside the car, and the other function that does not include to want to expend more n. In the meantime, car advocate if be in a parking lot to forget his to park the car in what position, can control Klaxon to help his find a car with App. If car is missing, can examine car travel course through Apple Watch likewise, the love vehicle that finds oneself for a short while. Additional, the application of Apple Watch still can undertake notting have seaming conformity with the navigation inside the car, see a concert for instance when the user in the navigation inside the car, when after amounting to a parking lot, apple Watch still can continue how-to direction, help user perhaps is finding the public traffic way that other can replace to destination on foot, this one function can help a car advocate save not little time, perhaps save a few n. Additional, this application still can show the current content on appearance dial, include course of development, speed and all sorts of reminding. Want to know, a lot of female users do not understand very to all sorts of symbols on car apparatus dial, and pass this application to be able to pass Apple Watch to have caution directly now, signal occurrence problem of car of the person that drive, need to be repaired in time. At present this I Remote can have been in App Store free download, if you are the car of I3 or I8 advocate, might as well the Apple Watch that is oneself at once goes downloading installation. CNC Milling