Che Xi is compound the crucial technology of treatment and applied foreground

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The lasting target that machining efficiency and precision is pursuit of metallic treatment domain. The ceaseless development as numerical control technology, computer technology, machine tool technology and treatment engineering technology, traditional treatment concept already cannot satisfy people to be opposite the requirement that machines speed, efficiency and precision. Below such setting, emerge as the times require of compound processing technique. Generally speaking, compound treatment is to point to different process can be completed on facilities of a treatment the floorboard of the processing technique of different perhaps technique. Current compound processing technique basically behaves the type that differs for 2 kinds, one kind is the different treatment method that is a foundation with energy or athletic way is compound; Another kind is be a foundation with process market Central Plains, what give priority to with machining craft is compound, che Xi is compound treatment is one of treatment way with this domain most quick in recent years development. Current aviation product part highlights expression to be much breed small lot, process complex, and use structure of integral thin wall and difficult treatment data extensively, because this is made,widespread presence makes cycle in the process excision of long, material measures big, treatment efficiency is low and treatment is out of shape wait for bottleneck badly. To raise aviation the treatment efficiency of complex product is mixed treatment precision, technologist processes technique in what seek more efficient nicety all the time. Che Xi is compound machine equipment appeared to offer a kind of effective solution to improve the treatment precision of aviation spare parts and efficiency. Compare with photograph of craft of groovy CNC Machining, main show is in the outstanding advantage that compound treatment has the following respects. (1) shorten product workmanship catenary, improve manufacturing efficiency. Compound treatment can realize Che Xi to install card to complete process of full major perhaps treatment, shorten greatly thereby product workmanship catenary. The production that because install calorie of change to bring about,reduced on one hand so assists time, also reduced tool clamping apparatus to make cycle and latency time at the same time, can improve manufacturing efficiency significantly. (2) reduce the number that hold clip, raise treatment precision. Install those who block a time to decrease because fixed position is standard,avoided the error that change and causes is accumulated. In the meantime, compound treatment facilities has current Che Xi mostly online detected function, the v/arc be on the throne that can realize data of production process key detects and precision is controlled, raise the treatment precision of the product thereby. (3) decrease cover an area of an area, reduce manufacturing cost. Although Che Xi is compound the only station price that machines equipment is higher, but as a result of workmanship catenary shorten and product place requires equipment decrease, and amount of tool clamping apparatus, workshop covers an area of what area and equipment uphold charge to decrease, can reduce the cost that the investment of total fixed assets, production is run and runs effectively. Although the crucial technology of compound treatment is compound the dominant position that increases a tool to groovy and onefold treatment cannot is likened to, but make the Che Xi in the domain in aviation at present actually the utilization rate of compound treatment did not get be developinged adequately. Its key reason depends on Che Xi the applied time that compound treatment makes a field in aviation is shorter, the Che Xi that applies to character of craft of structure of aviation spare parts is compound processing of technology of process designing of treatment craft, numerical control, postposition and emulation technology still is in fumble level. To fill cent develops Che Xi the efficiency of compound treatment facilities, raise the treatment efficiency of the product and precision, must capture in the round and solve afore-mentioned crucial foundations, come true compositive turn application. The engineering technology of compound treatment and convention machine 1 car mill what equipment differs is, compound machining center is equivalent to a Che Xi actually a product line. How to mix according to character of spare parts craft the craft characteristic of compound treatment makes Che Xi the reasonable craft line, method that hold card and choosing reasonable cutting tool is the key that realizes efficient and accurate treatment. Working procedure is the craft characteristic with compound most bright treatment centrally. Accordingly, scientific and reasonable craft line is to raise Che Xi the crucial factor of compound treatment efficiency and precision. Compound machining center is the S192F mill car that to in an attempt to notifies Swiss treasure beautiful company 1 times exemple, this machine tool has 5 axes mill, turning, boring, bore, curium and take the function such as makings automatically, use system of FANUC 31i numerical control, have Dao Shiping slippery, super- strong before the function such as interpolation of look up, high speed, suit an axis particularly kind, circumgyrate kind the high speed nicety that waits for a spare parts is machined. In aviation impeller treatment, this machining center has outstanding advantage. When using good stuff to regard impeller as semifinished product, course of groovy impeller treatment craft uses impeller of turning of numerical control lathe above all exterior outline, next fine vehicle treatment is standard; Center of 5 axes CNC Machining is used to undertake on this foundation groove, rough machining, semifinishing machining and model the finish machining of face and hub; Be in finally 5 axes undertake Kong Jia is versed in on machining center or drilling equipment. And use the full treatment that machining center can pass S192F mill car to install card to finish afore-mentioned craft not only, and should use good stuff to make adding man-hour to return can be passinged curium, the batch treatment that sends the function such as makings automatically implementation impeller, whole process need not intervene artificially can finish automatically entirely. The setting of its craft course can use following means: Impeller of thick car of → of good stuff of card of main shaft outfit is exterior vehicle of outline → fine is exterior 5 axes milling opens outline → rough machining of groovy → flow path main shaft of back of → bore → holds precision work of flow path of → of semifinishing machining of → flow path bore of planar → of bottom of impeller of turning blocking → . Can see, outfit card finishs all impeller to machine working procedure namely, treatment efficiency and precision can get rising considerably. The Che Xi machining center of double to having tool carrier (the WFL Che Xi that shows Austria 2 times like the graph is compound machining center) , the equipment of double knife tower has the control system of double passageway, fluctuation tool carrier can be controlled alone, synchronous treatment can pass the synchronous statement in code to come true. To develop the process capability of equipment adequately, below the premise that can allow in treatment condition, the many working procedure that implement a part through the synchronous operation of double tool carrier are machined at the same time. Can pass the synchronous setting of fluctuation tool carrier, in thick car appearance while finish inside the thick boring treatment of aperture, improve treatment efficiency further thereby. The synchronism that passes fluctuation tool carrier moves, complete the treatment of a series of aperture, improved the efficiency of treatment not only, what still can carry bore axial power at the same time is mutual and quits will reduce workpiece metabolic effect. To realize this kind of function, need has the research of systematic development to technology program when early days craft is designed, those who determine craft course is serial with collateral order, the reasonable combination that adopts pair of machine program realizes afore-mentioned functions. 2 cars mill is compound the mill of car of technology of numerical control process designing of treatment is compound the development of processing technique, also raised taller requirement to technology of numerical control process designing, this also is to restrict Che Xi compound treatment facilities uses segment of medium a bottleneck in actual production. Because Che Xi is compound the applied time that machines devoted and actual production is shorter, below the circumstance that does not have professional compound treatment solution, it is to use machine program of share of lay off of compasses of general CAM software normally, next technologist undertakes manual conformity to the program again, in order to satisfy the requirement of compound treatment machine tool to machine program. This kind of means of settlement is very expensive to the requirement of technologist. Compare with photograph of traditional technology of numerical control process designing, the to program difficulty of compound treatment basically reflects Che Xi in the following respects. (1) craft sort is multifarious. To technologist, want to be able to master milling of CNC Turning, much axis, bore to wait for the process designing method of a variety of treatment means not only, and to working procedure between join to need with means of knife of advance and retreat accurate limit. When undertaking numerical control process designing accordingly, of the working procedure model after need is finished to current process treatment and mental allowance distributing have intuitionistic knowledge, the setting of the to program that finishs a working procedure in order to facilitate and knife of advance and retreat. Nextpage (2) to program process is strung together mediumly and decide line sequentially must decide strictly according to craft course. A lot of spare partses can realize the complete treatment from wool expect finished product when Che Xi is machined on compound machining center, because the work out result of this machine program must be the same as craft course,keep consistent. In the meantime, collateral to much passageway treatment also needs to have integrated consideration in the process of CNC Machining to program. Visible, should develop technology to realize efficient compound treatment - process designing - the craft solution of emulation unifinication. (3) the certain function of compound to Che Xi treatment, current general CAM software still does not support. With groovy sheet stage equipment machines photograph comparing, the machine tool campaign that compound treatment has Che Xi and treatment function want many complex, current general CAM software still can't support the to program of these advanced functions completely, be like online measure, curium, send control of makings, tailstock automatically to wait. Accordingly, the program that uses work out of general CAM software to come out still needs many handiwork or interactive the Che Xi that means ability applies at automation is compound treatment. (4) the conformity of machine program. Mutual independence is between the NC program after at present work out of general CAM software is finished, should realize Che Xi compound so complex automation is complete treatment, the machine program with absolute to these need undertakes compositive with conformity. This kind of conformity must be guidance with the craft course of the spare parts, deciding what program truly above all is collateral, undertake deciding orderly to the treatment of different technique next, give out to change card of knife, outfit well and truly to change, fiducial change and instruction of knife of advance and retreat. Can see, che Xi is compound difficulty of to program of treatment numerical control is very great, and current general CAM software uses Yu Chexi compound treatment still is put in a lot of blemish and inadequacy. To make up for these inadequacy, the system of special process designing that applies to product craft and compound treatment facilities in the development on the foundation of software of existing and general CAD/CAM is a kind of more real solution. This reduced what software purchases to repeat investment on one hand, because process designing platform is skimble-scamble,also can avoid at the same time and the technology knowledge that create cannot configuration of put sb in a very important position, personnel is complex wait for blemish. The postposition of compound treatment handles 3 cars mill technology and technology of numerical control process designing are opposite should, che Xi is compound treatment because technique component of complex, motion is much wait for a reason, handled software and technology to raise taller requirement to current postposition thereby. Compare with photograph of equipment of groovy numerical control, the difficulty that its postposition handles basically is reflected in the following respects. (1) between different process join athletic requirement is strict and accurate. The treatment craft sort that because be in,car mill has on complex equipment is various, because this is in,the automatic switch that machines component of means, cutting tool, motion must be completed well and truly after current process treatment is finished, mix with making sure those who machine a process is correct safe. To achieve this goal, the means of knife of advance and retreat that asks the setting is reasonable on one hand and change the opportune moment that knife, cooling fluid leaves and pauses automatically, additionally more important is set of the need when undertaking current process is machined the position with located component of other blame motion. Such ability avoid a machine tool the collision between component of the motion in changing knife and treatment course and blame motion component, ensure treatment process safety is stable. (2) need undertakes deciding automatically to program of craft order and numerical control. Because compound treatment is medium craft course is relatively longer, the NC code after support is finished to postposition artificially undertakes constituent mixing compositive not only efficiency brings about wrong happening low and easily also. Ideal means of settlement is can be opposite in postposition processing process treatment order and Dao Weiwen in accumulate contained technique undertakes deciding automatically, can be in the NC code after postposition processing is finished maintain automatically. For this, the Dao Weiwen after numerical control process designing is finished need to include corresponding technique, sword not only in information information, the cutting tool sort that still needs to include corresponding treatment order, place to use and number, what craft order, technique and cutting tool achieve in the process that such ability handle in postposition is automatic decide. (3) the postposition of different treatment means handles a technology. The postposition of compound treatment handles Che Xi the program asks to be able to realize milling of much axis numerical control, turning not only, get the postposition that cuts treatment to handle, can come true even curium, enter control of makings, tailstock and program loop automatically to call wait for a function, the postposition of compound treatment handles Che Xi algorithmic basically include existing CNC Machining is all the postposition processing technique of craft sort, and can realize different treatment even between means without seam compositive join with motion. (4) control system is advanced of the function make full use of. Use Yu Chexi at present the numerical control system of compound machining center is very advanced control system, the FANUC 31i system that if treasure is beautiful,S192FT uses, SINUMERIK840D system that WFL 150 uses. These advanced control systems have feed to be optimized automatically mostly, Dao Shiping is slippery, super- strong before the advanced function such as interpolation of look up and high speed, high accuracy. Accordingly, the in processing code equal seat that must want to mirror the function of systems of these advanced numerical control in postposition to handle level to finish, mill of ability implementation car is compound machine equipment efficiency make full use of. (5) the processing that is not cutting function and call. Compound treatment machine tool besides have car, mill, auger, outside the cutting function such as boring, still have cutting function is not in what place transfers to need between each working procedure, if send butt joint of makings, discharge, main shaft, tailstock automatically control,wait. In postposition processing need regards a public module as to be called for the program these functions, called order and opportunity need decide according to craft course. The postposition with these current functions handles software to still cannot be offerred. 4 cars mill is compound the mill of emulation technology car of treatment is compound because treatment moves component much, function is complex, the treatment after to program is finished is emulated appear particularly important. Because Che Xi of manufactory of our country aviation is compound the time that machines devoted and actual production is shorter, the emulation that has not matured at present uses a technology, because this much manufacturer is,cut treatment to come through trying test and verify and optimize a program, this brings about craft to prepare cycle venture of long, development and finished cost are high. To raise Che Xi the applied level of compound treatment is mixed process designing efficiency, must drive the application of emulation technology energetically. The software that with Yu Chexi at present compound treatment emulates basically has TopSolid, Gibbs to wait, but these software are general the price is high, production domain of our country aviation is introduced less. Actually, implementation car mill is compound of treatment emulate also but the general CNC Machining with current have the aid of emulates software (wait like Vericut, NCSimul) , according to Che Xi compound characteristic of the structure that machines equipment, motion, special function reachs numerical control system, through custom-built the motion that reachs grand function to develop implementation to machine a process is emulated. Use general CNC Machining to emulate software to realize Che Xi the emulation need of compound treatment builds relatively real machine tool environment in the compose in emulation system above all, the key is moving each at the machine tool of the opposite motion concern between the component and geometrical position relation build. On this foundation, the cutting tool warehouse that in establishing treatment procedure, uses reachs corresponding cutting tool number. The treatment of the numerical control system that deploys machine tool equipment next and numerical control program is standard, in loading the NC code that postposition finishs emulation system, can carry out those who machine a process to emulate the job. What differ with groovy CNC Machining is, some functions (if much passageway treatment, tailstock is controlled,wait) the development that still needs to pass grand function and custom-built will finish. The applied foreground of compound processing technique reachs Che Xi development suggests in recent years, compound machining center is in Che Xi the home has the aviation mill such as engine of our country plane, aviation and accessory factory introduce. The Che Xi that equipment type basically centers at Austrian WFL company is compound series product and vehicle of mill of Swiss treasure beautiful company are complex machining center. But because investment is real applied time is not long, the technical measure such as method of the treatment craft of general lack and product craft characteristic and the maturity that equipment technology character gets used to, process designing and postposition processing. Accordingly, compound treatment facilities basically is in the Che Xi that introduces at present relatively inferior moving level. The main problem that faces in aviation product production process highlights expression to be craft course long, process efficiency of complex, treatment low, treatment is out of shape serious, finished cost is high, che Xi is compound no matter treatment is be made in the plane or the domain is made having very vast development space in engine. If the milling of casing of plane airframe whole is machined,should pass next stuff normally / appearance of the form inside semifinished product preparation, standard treatment, rough machining, rough machining, essence repairs the form inside fiducial, half essence and finish machining, half essence and finish machining appearance, Kong Jia nap of labour, benchwork, detect. And at present the integral Xie Panjia of aviation engine domain is versed in also is to use whole to forging semifinished product, course car mill, milling, polish, finishing and aggrandizement, detect the ability of a few working procedure such as flaw detection is finished. These spare partses often make cycle grow, occupy machine time to achieve hundreds of hours normally, and the numerical control machine tool that in machining a process, needs to use many different type and many clamping apparatus, cutting tool, measure etc. Additional, the in changing to cause a spare parts to make a process not only repeatedly latency time that holds card is too long, the influence produces cycle, and also can cause those who install calorie of error to accumulate, affect the dimension precision of the spare parts and treatment result thereby. Compound treatment can pass Che Xi to install card to realize the treatment of all or major working procedure of afore-mentioned typical aviation spare partses, the efficient, accurate treatment that is complex aviation spare parts thereby offerred a kind of new approach. Its apply an advantage to basically reflect in the following respects: (1) the frequency that hold card decreases significantly, improve treatment efficiency while the change and causes error that because machine tool and outfit block way,eliminates. (2) working procedure more concentration, can shorten apparently treatment craft catenary, reduce latency time and machine tool to be not working hours. (3) the treatment process that a variety of treatment way such as turning, milling, bore realize below the premise that does not change position position, reduce clamping apparatus amount, assure the consistency of dimension precision. (4) compound treatment has current Che Xi mostly online measured function, can use this function to be opposite in working procedure process and the treatment between working procedure undertakes v/arc be on the throne is measured as a result, realize the precision control of whole treatment process. Can see, these advantages that compound treatment facilities has Che Xi are made up for effectively at present complex part makes aviation the inadequacy in the process, can improve the treatment precision of the product and efficiency significantly. The treatment efficiency that equips to develop advanced compound treatment adequately, improve the production efficiency of aviation product and quality further, urgent need begins the work of the following respects. (1) the craft characteristic that combines aviation product part, research the compound treatment technology that suits to it deep, include to make craft line, those who install calorie of means, cutting tool, refrigeration and cutting parameter to wait is reasonable choose. (2) the craft characteristic of the athletic structure according to compound treatment facilities and product, processing of development and custom-built and corresponding numerical control process designing, postposition, cutting is emulated wait for a system, form craft - process designing - postposition - emulated unifinication solution, reduce the compound treatment demand to technologist. (3) form craft standard. Union is emulated, try cut and the technology experience that accumulates in actual production, form apply to Che Xi the craft of the solidify of compound treatment is normative, guidance of in order to is follow-up and other the treatment of the spare parts. (4) the education that pays attention to a talent. Compound treatment facilities is current the delegate of the forward position technology of machining domain, no matter be craft weaves or the operation is safeguarded,want to compare groovy equipment complex, team of research and development is implementation equipment health, efficient the key that move. The compound treatment with current last word equips forward older technology limits, more efficient, large change and modular way develops. Aviation product production domain is advanced all the time the main arena of action of production technology play, change as aviation product beneficial accelerates the day of speed, what the treatment facilities with dispersive working procedure will be centered by working procedure gradually is flexible automation equipment place is replaced, this provided more capacious development and applied space for compound processing technique. CNC Milling