What to send that division and Xi Menzi system to have to differ on CNC Milling?

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The SINUMERIK802D system that the article is aimed at the application on CNC Milling and FANUC 0i system on method of process designing instruction, process designing when to differ, undertake simple analysis is compared, operate process designing personnel for the machine tool only reference and draw lessons from. 1, the program of CNC Machining of similarities and differences of structure of CNC Machining program is begun by the program, a certain number of block, program ends 3 parts to comprise. Every program is corresponding name of a program (namely program name) . The main program of SINUMERIK 802D system expands the name is MPF, input automatically by the system; And the subprogram expands the name is SPF, must input together with file name. And the program name provision of the main program in FANUC 0i system and subprogram is same, it is by the address “O” and the 4 digit block from the back are become, be like O1111. 2, the similarities and differences that process designing dictates 2.

The coordinate value that the coordinate value of 1 eye punctuation represents to the target in methodological program is nodded uses coordinate or increment coordinate expresses, use G90, G91 respectively. And SINUMERIK 802D system still can be in the program pass AC or IC with set of dimension or opposite dimension means, make process designing more agile. 2.

2 basic displacement dictate basic displacement instruction has G00, G01, G02, G03 4 kinds. The process designing pattern of G00 and G01 is basic and same. But instruction of circular arc interpolation distinguishs somewhat: To FANUC 0i system, circular arc interpolation has terminus / circular arc radius and terminus / coordinate of the centre of a circle two kinds of means, and SINUMERIK 802D system still has Zhang Jiao / the centre of a circle, Zhang Jiao / means of process designing of terminal polar coordinates, and transfer through intermediate dot and tangent the process designing kind that has circular arc interpolation. 2.

Radius of 3 cutting tool compensates an instruction to be when outline of milling spare parts, affect measure of spare parts real profile as a result of dimension of cutting tool radius. To avoid contrail of center of computational cutting tool, numerical control system offerred cutting tool radius to compensate a function, make process designing personnel can undertake process designing by part drawing dimension directly. (1) nods A jointly.

Instruction and functional G41 are instruction of left compensation of cutting tool radius, look along cutting tool advancing direction namely (assume workpiece does not move) , what cutting tool is located in workpiece outline from beginning to end is left; G42 is instruction of right compensation of cutting tool radius; G40 is to cancel cutting tool radius to amend a statement. B.

Process designing format builds compensation of cutting tool radius: G17(G18, g19)GO1(G00) G41(G42)XYD; Cancel compensation of cutting tool radius: G17(G18, g19)GO1(G00) G40YD; When to explain: Above all, radius compensation must undertake in affirmatory plane; Next, build and cancel radius compensation to must dictate with G01 or G00 combination is used; The 3rd, the X in the program, Y is the terminal coordinate that G01, G00 moves; The 4th, what D code points to is cutting tool slants the memory address that buy measures. Slant buy quantity can be inputted with CRT/MDI means. (System of 2) differentia SINUMERIK 802D, g41, G42 can be changed each other directly, need not G40 cancels a knife to fill. But in FANUC 0i system, when knife filling direction is changed, must cancel a knife to fill through G40 first, ability builds new knife to fill. 2.

Length of 4 cutting tool compensates an instruction to machine a workpiece to often need many cutting tool, and every differ the length of cutting tool. The cutting tool length that numerical control system offers compensates a function, can assure the proper treatment of workpiece. Length dimension slants buy quantity is inputted with CRT/MDI means. To SINUMERIK 802D system, after calling cutting tool, compensation of cutting tool length is self-executing. And FANUC0i system needs to install: (1) instruction and functional G43, G44 is to build cutting tool to length is being compensated and lose compensation, g49 is to cancel compensation of cutting tool length. (Format of 2) process designing builds compensation of cutting tool length: G43(G44)G00(G01)ZH; cancels compensation of cutting tool length: G49G00(G01)Z; 2.

Function of 5 fixed loops is improve process designing work efficiency, numerical control system sets fixed loop function, be opposite namely the typical fixed, follow on action in process of a few treatment, will convey with a block. For instance with fixed loop the instruction has the treatment of aperture or chamfer. (1)SINUMERIK 802D system secures circular function to point to the craft subprogram in specific treatment process, want to change parameter to be able to realize all sorts of loop functions only. The basic parameter meaning that uses in fixed loop expresses 1 to show as follows, parameter signal is shown 1 times like the graph. (2)FANUC 0i system secures circular function to secure circular instruction to include to be in movement of the cutting treatment of XY plane fixed position, sudden shift to R plane, aperture, hole bottom, return R plane, return initiative plane 6 main actions, if pursue,2 are shown. Process designing format: G89 XYZRQPFK of ~ of G90(G91) G98(G99) G73. The basic parameter that expresses 1 SINUMERIK 802D to secure a loop 3, epilogue is in as CNC Machining technology the wide application in manufacturing industry, numerical control machine tool gains ground gradually. Master the similarities and differences on method of process designing of system of these two kinds of typical numerical control, will conduce to process designing personnel and adroitness of machine tool handlers using numerical control machine tool. CNC Milling