Of efficient low cost turn tower punching machine

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Finnish FINN-POWER is brand-new X series is low cost, cost-effective Ban gold facilities, "X5 " the experience that for collect old punch fetterses, the numerical control of fluid pressure type of newest development turns tower punching machine, be you absolutely is optimal take file. X5 fluid pressure type turns system of hydraulic pressure of tower punching machine only then 1983, FINN-POWER already produced punching machine of high speed of fluid pressure type, regard punch of high speed of fluid pressure type as systematic precursor, FINN-POWER studies ceaselessly and reform, the experience of punch of advanced fluid pressure type that the hydraulic pressure system of X5 abounds for collect FINN-POWER and into. It continues its are admirable and traditional, mix with fast punch reliably in dirty of low noise level the pace is entered, yi Ke issues successive punch in the environment of Sunday run and high room temperature. Airframe and coordinate stage X5 are deployed solid " O " model shift of concessional axial high speed mixes frame quickly, when undertaking gravitational punch or pace are entered, in also can making sure the tool of optimization is right. Coordinate stage guides Ban material freely to move, use X of drive of communication servo motor and Y axial shift, quicken and decelerate all by programmed control. X axis journey is 2, 584 millimeter, accordingly, the machine tool can is long 2, 500 millimeter and broadness 1, the Ban material of 250 millimeter is machined and need not locate 2 times, additional, working limits uses fixed position 2 times to be lengthened from X direction. Workbench of hydraulic pressure device and workbench of X5 of pincers fixed position deploy wool to brush your Ban material mobile and quiet, go to the lavatory and quick, reduce Ban ability by scratch; Won't arise when mobile Ban material shake, raise security to reach greatly raise yield. In lade when chunk Ban material, can use the rod of X fixed position of workbench backside; Should lade lesser piece when Ban material, can use the position that workbench moves to differ to 5, make expect more convenient, safety is mixed up and down quick. Additional, x5 deploys two pneumatic pincers, put when Ban material go up in the job hind, the user can use a foot to step control pincers switch. Pincers explores inductor with Ban material material of successive and censorial Ban is firm in pincers position, ensure mechanical accuracy and dependability. Turn tower bit body and automatic graduation are versed in a systematic FINN-POWER is particular turn the tower is with two-way rotate type changes automatically of knife head. Inside the cycle of punch, turn the die inside the tower guides below the Tie Zhen that prop up bring punching power to be passed to frame, turn up and down the tower assures to do not have deviate below drive at the same time. Turn 20 work are shared inside the tower, the user is optional match dividing head or compound pattern, diameter of the biggest cutting tool is 88.

9 millimeter. On Ban gold technology, x5 automatic graduation is versed in a concept design one of major breakthroughs on the concept for FINN-POWER, use motor of onefold communication servo to make drift and die rotate well and truly within bit body. Graduation is versed in with compound model because answer,can need and increase or change. "O " model machinery of FINN-POWER of system of frame CNC control uses process designing of newest Fanuc 0iP to control a system, memory capacity is 256kB and interface of user of process designing of standard numerical control. Standard configuration includes a variety of functions, machinery to examine, use RS232 makes a program transmit with the chamfer that insert card. Console is installed go up at electric box, it is easy to make electric box is put operate with convenient machinery. Add fittings includes other set of pincers of air conditioning of condenser of box of safe baluster, report, hydraulic pressure, programmed control (PCS) , the 3rd pincers, compound model, cutting tool and Ban material are lubricant conveyer belt of makings of valve of system, discharge, bits and process designing software are waited a moment. Fanuc controls a system CNC Milling