Material of PCBN cutting tool and contemporary processing technique

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Summary: As the ceaseless development of science and technology, a few righter solidder, lighter, more the demand of wear-resisting material also is increasing ceaselessly, in modern industry especially in auto industry and spaceflight aviation industry, composite material and material of wear-resisting nonferrous metal are used in great quantities, and use common cutting tool to machine this kind of material to be competent hard however. Accordingly, exceed emerge as the times require of PCBN of material of strong cutting tool. The article is used at high speed to PCBN cutting tool - Bs of dry type of fast cutting, strong voice is like B freeboard, 1, on numerical control machine tool treatment quenchs the requirement of steel treatment and different application field to material of PCBN cutting tool all has a description. Point out, develop to reach the high speed of economy of industry of our country future, the success application that exceeds strong cutting tool is a crucial factor. Keyword: Get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron (PCBN) cutting tool is contemporary processing technique 1. The grain that nitrogen of cubic metre of foreword single crystal changes boron is very little, the biggest diameter that eye forefathers is versed in nitrogen of cubic metre of complex single crystal changes boron is 3mm to control. In view of breed cubic nitrogen to change boracic big single crystal to exist on the technology difficulty, so, russia, United States, England, Japan and China are developed in succession piece get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron. Get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron to be able to be divided for integral PC BN agglomeration piece and the PCBN that take hard alloy matrix are compound piece. Integral PCBN is burned agglomeration falls in high-pressured high temperature by CBN grain and agglomerating is become; PCBN is compound piece agglomeration falls in high-pressured high temperature by CBN layer and hard alloy matrix and become. The structure of polycrystal makes get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron to have isotropy, overcame the limitation of face of cleavage of single crystal existence, in the meantime, PCBN has hard alloy matrix fight concussion tenacity. These advantages make get together the application that nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns boron is more wide, machined a respect to produce huge effect in cutting as cutting tool material especially, be waited to create a field at appearance of aviation of car, machine tool, spaceflight, instrument by wide application. PCBN cutting tool can come true to be ground with car generation, and cutting tool life compares hard alloy cutting tool rise a few times to hundreds of times. Of the progress as science and technology and technical level rise, its applied domain will expand ceaselessly. The 1/2 of PCBN cutting tool is used at automobile manufacturing industry, about 20 % are used at heavy equipment (wait like roller) treatment. 2. The application of PCBN cutting tool 2. The applied range chart of the integral performance of 1 commonly used cutting tool and PCBN cutting tool the relation of sex of He Ren of the 1 hardness that showed stuff of a few kinds of cutting tool roughly, wearability, intensity, it is thus clear that good cutting tool stuff should be located in this graph top right corner, have extremely tall wearability already, be helpful for lengthening cutting tool durability, had had again at the same time rupture tenacity, make its can bear great cutting power. Graph cutting tool of PCBN of integral performance of material of 1 commonly used cutting tool is divided by treatment means, turning occupies 60 % , boring is occupied 32. 5 % , duan Xi is occupied 7. 5 % . By treatment material is divided, quench steel occupies 65 % , cast-iron occupy 28 % , refractory steel occupies 7 % . By replace primary treatment to divide, 50 % replace grinding, 30 % replace hard alloy cutting tool, l0 % replaces cermet cutting tool, 5 % replace cutting tool of pottery and porcelain, 5 % are replaced grind treatment. Pcbn is used extensively already at numerical control machine tool of machine tool, multipurpose machine tool, automation, special high speed, flexible unit or production is flexible the automation product line that produces a system to be a foundation, use at all sorts of tall hardness material (if stainless steel of metal of steel of steel of tool steel, high-speed steel, bearing, pulverous metallurgy, pulverous smelt, martensite, high strength is steel, high manganese steel, white I=I soft iron of cast-iron, austenite) cutting treatment. 2. Domain of 2 different application pursues to the requirement of material of PCBN cutting tool 2 draw the outline of gave different application domain to be opposite the requirement of material of PCBN cutting tool. The range that the treatment of horniness steel asks to PCBN function is the widest, because diversity of horniness steel composition and treatment material amount are large,this is. Graph 2 different application fields are right PCBN intensity, refuse abrasiveness and the demand that refuse chemical attrition sex 2. The composition of the 3 PCBN material that answer relatively with applied domain 2. 4 PCB knife and high speed and exceed high speed cutting the high speed that the development trend of contemporary cutting processing technique is cutting treatment, freeboard fast development. High speed, exceeding high speed processing technique is to point to use the cutting tool that exceeds hard data, excise precision of rate, treatment and the contemporary processing technique that process quality through raising cutting speed and feed speed to improve data greatly. The workpiece material that because differ,exceeds the cutting speed range that high speed machines, different cutting kind and different. Current, think commonly, exceed high speed cutting the cutting speed limits of all sorts of material is: Aluminium alloy already exceeded 1600m/min, cast-iron 1500m/min, exceed heat-resisting nickel alloy to amount to 300m/min, titanium alloy amounts to 1000m/min of 1 50 ~ , fiber increases plastic for 200 ~ 9000m/min. The cutting limits of all sorts of cutting craft: Turning is 700 ~ 7000m/min, milling 300 ~ 6000m/min, auger cut for 200 ~ 1100m/min, grinding is 250m/s above. Accordingly, raised taller requirement to cutting tool applicability and service life, and PCBN cutting tool is the first selection cutting tool that this one requirement can satisfy most on heretofore world. High speed cutting is an opposite concept, think normally, speed of the cutting when high speed is machined should compare groovy cutting tall 5 ~ 10 times above. Cutting rate follows when high speed cutting rise, cutting force is reduced, the addition of cutting temperature gradually slow, can improve manufacturing efficiency and treatment quality, reduce production cost, accelerate the development cycle of the product. Generally speaking, cutting force reduces 15 % ~ 30 % above, exterior quality raises L ~ 2 class, cutting speed and feed rate rise 15 % ~ 20 % , can reduce production cost % of L5 of 10 % ~ . Alloy of the steel that high speed cutting uses extensively already in the industry such as spaceflight aviation, car and autocycle, mould, machine tool now, cast-iron, nonferrous metal and its alloy, high temperature heat-resisting and carbon fiber increase plastic the treatment that waits for material, machine with aluminium alloy and cast-iron high speed among them most general. And high speed cutting is to point to blade of cutting tool cutting to move at the cutting of spare parts surface relatively (or mobile) speed exceeds common cutting 5 ~ 10 times, main body is cut cutting tool speed, quickly now, retreat 3 link quickly. 2. The cutting of strong voice dry type of 5 PCBN cutting tool people thinks strong voice of PCBN cutting tool does type cutting generally, can produce the cutting performance with excellent cutting tool and metallic bate effect adequately on one hand, the leave out in machining a process on the other hand the use of cutting fluid (the 20 % of 16 % ~ that normally cutting fluid holds finished cost control) , bring enormous economic benefits for the enterprise, and be helpful for environmental protection and health of industry person body, it is a kind of relatively good treatment method. Bring numerous advantage in dry cutting however while, also should see, dry cutting adds the harsh environment of man-hour, make workpiece and cutting tool are bearing high mechanical load and high fever load, workpiece surface quality can get necessarily the influence of cutting temperature, because this wants,desiccate cutting technology is accepted completely by people place, to reduce surface layer is mixed inferior surface layer blemish, acquire better treatment surface quality, it is necessary that proper refrigeration lubricates. Kennametal rolled out a kind new-style, of tall wearability, the PCBN of laminating having besmear, its model is KB9610. When high speed processes hard data, its cutting rate can rise 20 % at least, because this can obtain tall productivity. The PCBN on the hard alloy matrix of KB9610 contains CBN of low pH indicator, the Tu Youduo on PCBN layer aluminium alloy layer, this kind of product can prevent chemical abrasion completely and high temperature resistant, KB9610 basically is used at successive finish machining and semifinishing machining to quench material (HRC>45) , hard coating and cold hard cast-iron, quantity of penetration of a cutting tool can be amounted to 0. 5mm. 2. 6 PCBN cutting tool is used at quenching steel is machined to carry out hardness cutting craft to be able to transform with PCBN cutting tool traditional cutting quenchs the production working procedure of one grinding, increase production effectively efficiency and reduce energy to use up. Although PCBN cutting tool has a lot of advantages in the cutting treatment of hard steel of temper by dipping in water, but home uses this to plant without promotion new-style exceed material of strong cutting tool, the mainest reason is factory lack to function of cutting of PCBN cutting tool and the understanding of use technology. The feature of force of the cutting when hard steel of temper by dipping in water of cutting of PCBN cutting tool and its change rule are one of main index that measure its cutting performance. Feng Jifu, lv Zhi point out, force of the cutting when hard high-speed steel of temper by dipping in water of cutting of PCBN cutting tool and cutting deepness show the concern that linear rises; Advocate cutting force and axial force and feed also show linear ascendant concern; Advocate cutting force and axial force increase along with cutting speed and reduce; Configuration of the cutting when cutting deepness is reduced from zigzag cut bits to banding the trend that cutting transfers. 2. Alloy of titanium of alloy of titanium of cutting of 7 high speed as a result of high intensity / weight is taller than mixing fight corrode ability, be applied at aviation industry. But the cutting speed of titanium alloy coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, low and the thorny problem in producing the difficult processability such as chemical reaction very easily to already made production with cutting tool material. The cutting speed that titanium alloy machines in actual production is more under 50m/min, accordingly, the treatment of high speed cutting of titanium alloy is the manufacturing difficult problem that solves urgently currently, also be the heat issue that studies now. Use PCBN cutting tool to undertake to titanium alloy TCA the experiment of high speed cutting makes clear, PCBN cutting tool machines titanium alloy TCA and photograph of hard alloy cutting tool to compare, having cutting power surface roughness of tall, surface is low grow with cutting tool life wait for defect, and be below the condition that high speed, low feed, low penetration of a cutting tool measures, have longer cutting tool life and surface roughness of better workpiece treatment surface. Accordingly, PCBN cutting tool suits to use the precision work of the alloy that make titanium more. 3. Epilogue 3.

1 on the progress of century production technology can occupy two trends to make the summary that agrees eventually: It is achieves precision shows exponential level growth, 2 it is every other L0 year productivity grows 2 times. One trend basically is after by harder, melting point of the use generation of taller cut tool. In 25 years of in the past, the application of PCBN closes with photograph of this one trend greatly couplet. 3.

2 efficient cutting had been become contemporary production main trend, and get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes amid of boracic cutting tool to acting indispensable part. Current, manufacturing industry of our country tool still stays on traditional development pattern, cannot satisfy modern manufacturing industry to be opposite the demand of efficient cutting tool. 3.

3 exceed hard data cutting tool to expand the main base that is development of modern manufacturing industry. The country of the world manufacturing industry such as beautiful, heart, day does not have one exception is the country with tool advanced industry. Exceed hard data cutting tool not only it is the main motive force that urges production technology to develop progress, still raise the product quality, important step that reduces finished cost. 3.

4 advanced today numerical control machine tools had made the main equipment of modern manufacturing industry, what it and synchronous development rise is advanced the progress that exceeded hard data cutting tool to drive processing technique jointly together, make production technology was entered contemporary production new era. 3.

The difference of cutting tool of cutting of 5 because industry of tool of our country machine tool is right contemporary metals and traditional cutting tool lacks enough understanding, long-term since heavy lead plane, light tool, the development that exceeds hard data cutting tool and numerical control machine tool on development strategy is out of line badly, the requirement of the development that makes our country exceeds technology of hard data cutting tool and industry standard and modern manufacturing industry differs very far. 3.

The applied level that 6 exceed strong cutting tool will depend on technology and economy the consideration of two respects. Have is clearly however, the way that has speed of taller productivity, taller cutting and lower cost forward namely develops. As more wear-resisting and the grow in quantity that process workpiece data harder, of all kinds the application that exceeds strong cutting tool will increase in great quantities continuously. Without doubt, develop to reach the high speed of prospective industry economy, the success application that exceeds strong cutting tool is a crucial factor. CNC Milling