Laser technology is in of manufacturing industry apply extensively

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Because laser has 3 big characteristics: Coherence and wonderful monochromatic sex, directional collimation sex. These characteristics make it special apply to material treatment. Laser beam machining is one of fields that in numerous applying, laser has development outlook most, already developed now already had technologies of a variety of 20 laser beam machining. The dimensional control sex of laser machine and time control sex are very good, qualitative to processing the material of the object, appearance, dimension and the requirement that machine an environment are spent freely very big, apply to automation treatment especially. Laser machine machines system and union of photograph of technology of computerized numerical control to be able to form efficient automation to machine equipment, already became an enterprise to practice the crucial technology of timely production, for high grade, efficient produce open up with the treatment of low cost wide perspective. Laser is fast figuration technology is compositive the newest achievement of laser technology, CAD/CAM technology and material technology, according to the CAD model of the spare parts, with stimulate beam of light to chase photosensitive group data a solidify, accurate accumulation becomes kind, do not need mould and cutting tool to be able to make the part with complex form accurately quickly, this technology already got applied extensively in the industrial domain such as aerospace, electron, car. Laser Cutting technology applies extensively in the treatment of metal and metalloid material, can reduce handling time greatly, reduce finished cost, improve workpiece quality. Pulse laser applies to metallic stuff, successive laser applies to metalloid material, latter is the fundamental application domain of Laser Cutting technology. Laser beam welding receives a technology to have dissolve pool to purify effect, metal of can pure welding line, apply to identical with different metal stuff between solder. Laser beam welding receives energy density tall, rate of dot, tall to Gao Rong reflectivity, tall heat conduction and physical character differ very big metal solders particularly advantageous. Laser solders, stimulate beam of light lesserly with the power when comparing cut metal, make material fused and do not make its vaporization, a successive solid structure is made after refrigeration. Laser stiletto technology has precision tall, versatility strong, efficiency tall, cost is low wait for an advantage significantly with integrated technology economic benefits, already made one of crucial technologies of contemporary production domain. Before laser appears, can use the material with bigger hardness to be in only the materially stiletto with lesser hardness. Should be so on the diamond with the biggest hardness stiletto, became extremely difficult issue. After laser appears, this kind operation already fast safe. Laser makes mark technology is one of applied fields with the biggest laser beam machining. Laser makes bid is to use the laser of high energy density to undertake local illuminate to workpiece, make vaporization of surface layer material or the chemistry that produce color change react, leave a kind of of permanent mark means that make bid thereby. Laser hits mark to be able to hit all sorts of characters, symbol and design to wait, character size can measure level to micron from millimeter, of this pair of products prevent bogus to have special sense. Whole solid body is ultraviolet wave band laser makes bid is a when in recent years development rises new technology, special apply to a metal to make bid, can come true inferior micron makes bid, use extensively already at microelectronics industry and biology project. Laser goes balancing a technology again is to use high speed of laser take out to rotate the lopsided overweight part on the component, make inertial axis and coincide of runner shaft coming back, in order to obtain the process of dynamic balancing. Laser goes balancing a technology to have again measure and go weighing two big functions, can undertake lopsided measurement is mixed at the same time corrective, efficiency rises greatly, in top production domain has wide applied perspective. To high accuracy rotor, laser dynamic balancing but twice raises balance precision, the balance precision of prejudicial value can amount to its quality 1% or thousand micron. Laser etchs the technology etchs than traditional chemistry technical craft is simple, can reduce manufacturing cost substantially, can machine 0.

The line with 1 broad micron of 15 ~ , special agree with the production of VLSI. Technology of laser fine tuning can undertake automatic and accurate fine tuning to resistor, precision can be amounted to 0.

01% ~ 0.

002% , taller than the precision of conventional treatment method and efficiency, cost is low. Laser fine tuning includes filmy resistance (0.

01 ~ 0.

6 micron are thick) with thick film resistor (50 micron of 20 ~ are thick) the fine tuning, fine tuning of capacitance and the fine tuning of mixture integrated circuit. A kind of technology that laser stores the technology is to use laser to record data of video, frequency, character and computer message (for example the) such as CD of CD, DVD, it is one of technologies propping up of informatization times. CNC Milling