Outside assist decision-making analytic law

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Business of every American OEM has imagined the likelihood to send his certain or overall production mission abroad finish. The low labor cost that can dig before family belongs of a few abroad manufactories is outside making them consider assist " bait " . If sole purpose reduces production cost namely, will machining order to send so may be a kind of feasible choice abroad. However, if pay close attention to labor cost too too, may produce adverse result so. When outer club line of business, manufactory home is faced with such as to lose only information, received part does not accord with quality requirement, deliver goods time is protracted wait for a risk. These and other and pertinent question are making a few companies begin to study production task reservation is mixed / or the method that recapture company interior has machining. In addition, those manufacturer that examine its carefully to make a process may find out his manufacturing bottleneck, once open these bottleneck, can reduce spare parts cost, reach the level with match each other in strength of abroad production manufacturer. So, evaluate oneself course and undertake what such comparative and significant step is? Different company may have different method. Innovation turbine system (ITS) company, it is the production manufacturer that a market after making work for the car only provides turbine supercharger system, be in those who found oneself to produce the inchoate level that evaluates a course currently. ITS is one evaluates him engineering capability thoroughly, at the same time mining improves a domain potentially, be aimed at thereby whether outside assist and make the very good company example with correct decision-making business. These effort had made a large number of crucial parts are produced by recapture company interior, and its competitor still depends on abroad manufacturer however. Time analysed reporter counterpoint to undertake visiting at the ITS factory of city of California Simi Valley, hold the post of presiding operation official newly to hold Robert McKeirnan of engineering vice president concurrently to undertake one banquet speaks with the company, sufficient feeling got ITS is competing the effort that has in intense market. In come before ITS holds a post, mr McKeirnan once worked 11 years in another turbine company, when joining ITS, there are 3 causes in his brains: 1) reduce production cost; 2) improve product quality; 3) augment product line. He expresses, the biggest challenge that ITS faces is with main the turbine supercharger company that from the Pacific Ocean periphery with labor low cost the area imports a part competes. He says: "We had decided ITS and the best way that these companies compete is the turbine technology with new development and products plan. Next, the key is intellectual property reservation is in a company in-house and nothing more than discharge. Confidential to having news only optimal way is will all production exercise is in a company interior is finished. " assume office at the beginning of 2005 when Mr McKeirnan when, him company machines a crucial turbine spare parts of 50% , and his target is to want to increase this data to 100% . ITS has two to come from big house currently (city of new jersey West Caldwell) CNC machine tool -- machining center of vertical of a Mynx 540, lathe of a Puma 230. The honing that it still owns the turbine supercharger that is used at produce and assembling its, conduit and part of the condenser intermediate, forging and solder equipment. The first condition that Mr McKeirnan wants to will machine interior of task recapture company is the range of products with current assessment and workmanship. To latter, he started time analysis, among them will total spare parts cost according to each process cost fractionize. To reduce the main cost of each component ceaselessly, analysis of this kind of time is a kind can never overblown method. This factory founded time to analyse a watch, fractionize of will total spare parts cost becomes each manufacturing cost (column of 3 right hands in be being analysed like time of the imitate in the watch in be shown) . The process that those are discovered to produce the biggest cost became ameliorative target. When evaluating a spare parts with this kind of means, considered to create a problem in great quantities. Operator cost makes the same score leveling in whole project. Considered to install new cutting tool of clip, process designing, outfit and clamping apparatus, quality to detect among them and treatment loop process (operator may be right now mere stand by to work wait for an operation to finish) the time that waits for need. Mr McKeirnan is same check place of the electric cost of manipulator bed, machine tool needs cover an area of area and material and cost of initiative machine tool. Made these cost means of cost per cent undertake fractionize according to total spare parts with a basic form (refer to on the form in the page) . A very good spare parts example that has this kind of production examination is aluminous sealed board. Before this, because the company thinks to produce cost in company interior too tall, outside undertaking to its all the time assist treatment. Make in company interior so when, the totle drilling cost of this spare parts includes: ◆ machine tool and operator cost: 57% ◆ cost of material: Outfit of 40% ◆ places cost: 3% because discover machine tool and operator cost are the body in spare parts totle drilling cost, accordingly, it became the whole target that the company improves. Besides undertake modification to part program in order to reduce cycle time outside, ITS found a lot of methods to reduce the time that hold clip. Accordingly, the new company interior that the CNC machine tool that uses oneself to have undertakes makes a method compare outside assist means reduced the cost of 31% (it is OK to mean a spare parts to make finish inside recapture company) . But, sealed board can be in a company in-house in order to compare outside assist the effort that treatment does not signify lower cost to reduce cost in the light of this spare parts stops at this point. Mr McKeirnan reduces next goals of cost certainly through be being evaluated again. To sealed board, discover new production cost percentage is as follows: ◆ cost of material: Machine tool of 65% ◆ and operator cost: Outfit of 31% ◆ places cost: Means of 4% alternant clamp reduced the WIP of this manufactory. Among them, used special soft claw will realize process of part of supercharger of cup form turbine 10 (Zun Tu) and working procedure 20 (right graph) operation. Right now cost of material occupied the 2/3 of cost of total spare parts basically, such it was become reduce the central issue with new cost. For this, the spare parts can be cast through dissolve model and need not base paragraph material treatment. Because former cost is lower than latter, but still can connect associate to approximate cutting spare parts begins and reduce treatment to measure. Or, can use different, cost is lower, but the material of feature of requirement of OK and contented application. This kind identifies the course that basically make cost ingredient and determines ameliorable production respect to be done not have all the time discontinuous. Mr McKeirnan says: "Final, we will achieve critical point, nod in this on, should save more cost to show no longer almost to specific spare parts solid. " ITS is OK the major work that recapture company interior completes is the result that improves a process with existing machine tool. For example, the member that the company recruited a new machine tool operator and process designing recently, he developed more efficient program to reduce the cycle time of a few spare partses. He still discovered the operation in eliminating a process (WIP) clamping apparatus and labour clip are replaced article. Having a such solution is to use soft claw to be in same cup body spare parts finishs in chuck 10 operate with 20 working procedure. To the first operation, operator installs circular preform the external diameter of cup of chuck lieutenant general to machine requirement measure. After this operation is finished, operator turns over workpiece, the countersink in claw allowing card can capture external diameter, in order to machine the in-house outline of the cup. Next, send the part to vertical machining center to drill all sorts of hole. New equipment matrix Mr McKeirnan discovers, because have two CNC machine tool only, to finish interior of more company of treatment task recapture, in appropriate time need adds a few equipment. The feature that the result that discovers in time analysis should have to affirmatory new machine tool and ability are very useful. When considering another kind of machine tool, will build another form decision-making matrix, this will include a large number of foundations its are specific importance and the processing project that brought to bear on to add authority coefficient. The result that analyses time inputs new facility (to achieve the following goal should have) in diagnostic type: The something that this photograph showed to the OEM in article makes cost to reduce and exert oneself is eliminated -- it is when the machine tool when cut part, an operator station is faineant by the machine tool. The feature of other machine tool that the difficulty that the difficult ◆ that the production that ◆ reduces ◆ of cycle time of existing machine tool to increase to hold clip every time is versed in foreword amount ◆ reduces machine tool process designing reduces a machine tool to hold clip examines includes to use interval, cover an area of an area to ask. In the machine tool of all up to now evaluation, a lathe that provides dynamical cutting tool suits the place in turbine supercharger to use spare parts type very much it seems that. Another serious consideration is, the machine tool can install clip to complete turning and milling operation through. It is to begin Mr McKeirnan to admit merely, the way of company future is very long. For example, in time analysis evaluation, have not consider easy bad news to taste such as cutting tool and cooling fluid to wait currently. Finding out the method that reduces the number that hold clip is a kind of protracted battle. Offset divides WIP as much such. The company can raise ship-fitter on every machine tool, using thereby " eligible / unqualified " after the instrument has fast examination, when the machine tool machines other part, operator can assemble a part. Current, in the factory an alone place undertakes assemble. Those who machine the task is balanced it is to make assemble feasible another goal that reduces WIP. Sealed board it is an example. On vertical machining center, machine such two spare partses to need 40 seconds 1 minute, and in the treatment on lathe individual spare parts needs 3 minutes. Time analysis still proves to Mr McKeirnan, to make sure the company reachs his employee is in gain condition from beginning to end, the development step of follow closely production technology is very important, ability of process designing of the machine tool design with new such as, CAD/CAM and workpiece clamping apparatus. The Decision To Manufacture In-house Or Send Work Overseas Should Not Be Based Solely On Labor Cost.

After An Honest Evaluation Of Its Machining Processes, this OEM Found It Was More Profitable To Bring Work Back In-house.

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