The pace rises into electric machinery fall fast curve controls a method

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In a few control simple or the athletic control system of demand low cost is medium, make executive component into electric machinery via commonly used pace. The pace uses the largest dominant position below the circumstance in this kind into electric machinery is: Can open loop means is controlled and need not feedback to undertake controlling with respect to can contrapuntal buy and speed. But because laden place is right,also control circuit to did not feedback just about, the pace must be answered correctly into electric machinery every time excitation changes. If excitation frequency choice is undeserved, electric machinery cannot move quite new position, the position that so real laden position expects relative to controller place appears permanent error, produce the phenomenon that lose a condition or too strong phenomenon namely. In controlling a system into electric machinery open loop because of this pace, how to prevent to break pace and rushing too is system of open loop control whether the key that moves normally. Break pace and too strong phenomenon to appear in the pace to be started into electric machinery respectively with inactive moment. Usually, systematic limit starts frequency lower, and the traversal speed of the requirement often is compared tall. If the system is started directly with the traversal speed of the requirement, because this speed already exceeded,cannot start normally, light happen possibly lose a condition, can start far from again, generation locked-rotor. The system moves after rising, if achieve,stop to send pulse to string together instantly when terminus, make its stop instantly, criterion because the system is inertial action, electric machinery rotor can have turned to balance the position, if laden inertial very big, the next that can make the situation turns to be close to terminus to balance the position into electric machinery rotor balances the position, stop in this position. Miss pace and too strong appearance to overcome, what if the graph is shown 1 times,undertake should be open to rise into electric machinery in the pace fall fast control. From the graph 1 can see, l2 Duan Weiheng fast move, l1 Duan Weisheng frequency, l3 paragraph to fall frequency, according to " lose a condition " definition, if L3 is reached in L1 paragraph rise reach descendent control frequency change to be more than what the pace enters electric machinery to answer frequency change, the pace can lose a condition into electric machinery, the meeting that lose a condition brings about a pace to stop into electric machinery turn, classics regular meeting affects regular job of the system, accordingly, in moving into electric machinery gearshift in the pace, must undertake rising correctly falling fast control. Press different control unit below, introduce a few kinds of commonly used paces to rise into electric machinery fall fast control method. 1, athletic control gets stuck to go up position control is unit -- with MPC01 series athletic card is exemple MPC01 series the core control that motion controls card to be able to regard a PC as athletic control system is unit. The chip of special sport control on card can undertake automatically rising falling fast computation. Its sport control also has in function library undertake echelon rises technically fall the function that fast motion parameter installs -- Set_profile(int Ch, double Ls, double Hs, double Accel) . Its parameter defines as follows: Ch: The axial date of set. Ls: Set low speed (initial rate) value. The unit is Pps (pulse / second) Hs: Set high speed (constant speed paragraph) value. The unit is Pps (pulse / second) Accel: Set acceleration size. The unit is Ppss (pulse / second / second) the user is in when transferring athletic statement function, need to assign total pulse number only, the athletic parameter that the chip of special sport control on athletic control card sets according to Set_profile function undertakes automatically rising falling fast computation, and won't take up the CPU resource of the PC. 2, become position control unit with the PLC that has motion to control a function -- with series of the FP0 below the pine PLC is a pine to issue FP0 series PLC to have appropriative motion to control an instruction, its CPU unit can undertake 1 is shown automatically pursueing litre fall fast computation. With MPC01 series motion controls calorie of likeness, the Hs of the initial velocity Ls that the user needs to set echelon rate only, constant speed, pulse that quickens time T and place to need to send counts P. Run this block, detect when PLC go up to a when input upright X2 jump when changing, if the graph is shown 1 times,carry out automatically litre fall fast pulse outputs a function. 3, with sheet piece machine do position control unit to use personal computer to undertake into electric machinery to the pace decelerate is controlled adding, change the time-interval that outputs pulse namely actually, litre fast when make pulse is strung together add gradually close, make pulse is strung together when decelerate gradually few and far between. When using timer to interrupt means to control electric machinery gearshift, it is to change timer to lade ceaselessly actually the size of the value. Odd a machine in the process that adds decelerate in control electric machinery, use what disperse method approachs ideal to rise commonly fall fast curve. The slope that adds decelerate is accelerating a process point-blank in, speed is not successive change, change by the phase that divide shelf however, to be approached with litre of fast slope photograph of the requirement, must decide the run time on every step, see a picture 3. Time Δ T is smaller, rise fast faster, jump over conversely slow. The size of Δ T can be decided by theory or experiment, in order to rise fast the fastest and do not break a pace to be a principle. The moving pace number of every step is for N of Δ of Ns=fs Δ T=s, mirrorred every career chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position to run the concern between pace number and current rate S, in order executive process, every time rate rises first gear, should calculate the pace number that this step should take, check with degressive means next, should decrease to zero hour, this archives rate moves end, raise another archives rate. Electric machinery is promoting fast process in, to rising fast total situation number undertakes decreasing successively operating, should decrease rise fast process end to zero hour, turn into divide evenly fast movement process. The rule of decelerate process and promote fast process identical, just press contrary order to undertake. Open in what the pace enters electric machinery in staying a course, the basis controls specific characteristic of the system, use afore-mentioned 3 kinds rise fall one of fast control means, can avoid electric machinery to lose a condition or rush too, obtain more accurate control. CNC Milling