On machine rolling silk cold rolling processes rod of small modulus spline

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Because workmanship of cold rolling of spline of small modulus involute has efficiency tall, cost stability of low, precision, quality is reliable wait for a characteristic, the gear hobbing that replacing a tradition stage by stage reachs the craft that insert tine. Treatment of cold rolling of spline of small modulus involute is best undertake on special rolling machine, but the production of this kinds of domestic machine tool just starts. For this, we try to roll the cold rolling on filar machine tool to process rod of spline of small modulus involute in Z28-80, obtained better result. 1. The principle that cold rolling machines a principle to machine spline of small modulus involute in the cold rolling on machine rolling silk is shown 1 times like the graph. L, R is the rolling of a pair of involute with identical parameter annulus, install two main shaft that rolling filar machine to go up respectively, can rotate to synchronism in the drive similarly hereinafter of main transfer machinery. R annulus can be undertaken by oil cylinder drive radial feed moves, l annulus can pass those who adjust an orgnaization to adjust with R annulus is in the impress coincide of workpiece P surface. Workpiece P decides a clamp with two centers aperture, adjust clamping apparatus to be able to make workpiece axial mobile, the axes that O dot and parallel of machine tool main shaft cross on clamping apparatus can be circled to swing when getting power horn of a Φ , in order to make sure workpiece maintains from beginning to end in cold rolling process with two rolling annulus be in freedom to rolling position, at the same time facilitating outfit places workpiece. Graph 1 cold rolling machines a principle 2. Rolling annulus designs example workpiece parameter: Modulus M = 0. 75mm, tine counts Z = 40, 30 ° of = of D of pressure angle α , 30mm of = of D of reference circle diameter, = of S of basic arc transverse tooth thickness 1. 178mm, = of old way Dee 30. 75mm, trail Die = 28. 88mm (smooth tine root) , = of Db of basic circle diameter 25. 9808mm. Workpiece material is 20Cr, hardness is 156 ~ 186HB. The computational method of rolling annulus parameter is as follows: (1) work old way is round   of   of E of α of upward pressure horn (2) workpiece trail circle   of   of I of α of upward pressure horn (3)   of   of Se of transverse tooth thickness of the arc on circle of work old way (4)   of   of Si of transverse tooth thickness of the arc on workpiece trail circle (5) : (6)   of Z0 of number of gyro wheel tine is apart from affirmatory Z28-80 to roll filar machine center to be apart from according to machine tool center for 130 ~ 230mm, = extraction Z0 228. (7) when the   of old way Deo of rolling annulus begins roll, do not have skid pure scroll of the phenomenon should accord with DeoZ = DzZo, but skid actually the phenomenon is inevitable. Experience computation formula is   (8) final center is apart from workpiece and rolling Ao     (9) workpiece and rolling annulus   of   of ′ of α of horn of final clench the teeth (10)   of   of Do of diameter of rolling annulus reference circle (11)   of ′ of D of pitch circle diameter, Do ′ , suffer extruding stress to differ as a result of workpiece upside tooth flank and place of bottom tooth flank, make workpiece upside tooth flank is formed easily collapse horn, reason needs to undertake correction to rolling annulus pressure angle, correction and workpiece material and hardness are concerned, take α Do = here 29. 84 ° are advisable. (14)   of   of Dbo of diameter of rolling annulus basic circle (15) the   of   of ′ of O of α of horn of clench the teeth after rolling annulus is amended (16)   of   of So of transverse tooth thickness of circular arc of rolling annulus graduation (17) circle of rolling annulus old way   of   of Eo of α of upward pressure horn (, in order to increase the suitable scope of rolling annulus. But what come true calculates rolling annulus trail to go up is alveolar wide, do not have difficulty with assuring to make. = extraction Ho 1. 2mm. (20)   of   of Dfo of rolling annulus trail (21) rolling annulus trail is round   of   of Fo of α of upward pressure horn (22) the arc on circle of rolling annulus trail is alveolar rolling of wide Efo   annulus structural dimension, form tolerancepublic errand and technical requirement consult roll filar annulus and cylinder, the length of public law line of rolling annulus or data of the spline in crossing a club to be apart from M to be versed in by gear are calculated, what need material to be able to choose Cr12MoV (hardness 59 ~ 62HRC) . 3. The adjustment of rolling annulus and the face-lifting after wearing away rolling annulus must be rectified with foot, adjust L and R two rounds to be in namely the impress coincide of workpiece surface. If synchronism is adjusted not accurate, will make workpiece produces random a tooth-like part of anything, give the case such as bits and out of tolerance, work center is high with rolling annulus center is high consistent (allow low 0. 01 ~ 0. 08mm) , commonly used adjustment the method is: (1) use pair of knife model adjust make an as identical as workpiece spline high accuracy be opposite knife appearance, make two rolling annulus the tooth is in appearance spline is alveolar inside alignment, secure rolling annulus next. (2) if the graph is shown 2 times,blank trying make friends is adjusted, in workpiece initiative position labels A, B, C, D at 4 o'clock, radial feed deepness is 0. 1mm, use cycle of hand drive rolling to move, make blank has turned half rounds above is less than circuit, leave two rolling in blank surface annulus impress. By the graph 2 can see, the B of → of C of → of impress edge A of R annulus is mobile, the A of → of D of → of impress edge B of L annulus is mobile. D of → of B of → of blank surface C paragraph spread out, if pursue,place of 2a, 2b is shown. K dot is R annulus final impress line. Graph 2a shows trace of wheel load of R of lead of L annulus impress, graph 2b shows trace of wheel load of R of lag of L annulus impress, part of one's job does not adjust L annulus clockwise to had turned Δ 1 or anticlockwise direction has turned Δ 2, till appear the circumstance in graph 2c, make clear impress coincide two rounds. The impress after making workpiece turns 8 rounds still coincide, with foot whole ability can end. Graph 2 rolling annulus synchronism adjusts rolling annulus to use after wearing away, but abrasion of teeth of a cogwheel, reduce its tine number, process computation parameter is narrated before be being pressed afresh, open tine afresh, the rolling that makes a face-lifting annulus, be apart from in machine tool center can renovate for many times inside limit. CNC Milling