How does laser beam welding apply to receive a technology in car gear

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As the progress of science and technology, because density of its high accuracy, deep penetrable, high energy, adaptability is strong,laser beam welding receives a technology wait for numerous advantage, applied field is wider and wider, get aerospace, mechanical electrician, take seriously of automobile manufacturing industry highly especially. Laser solders to make medium application in the car only then solder at the gear of transmission, to reduce gear quality, reduce bulk and treatment difficulty, managing raw material, the gear form that the developed country already processed whole or fission of gear axis instead are machined, solder two parts together next, form a whole. Laser beam welding of high power gear is received machine, this equipment is the special equipment that money of our country head supplies laser beam welding of axis of car gear-box gear, gear to receive, use rotary table formula 4 labour setting, perfected already solder the process controls makings apparatus mediumly, offerred convenience condition for automatic fluctuation makings at the same time, make productivity rises 40% . Laser beam welding of high power gear is received machine by aircrew of 3500WCO2 laser, water-cooling, solder system of machine tool, numerical control, outside connect of smooth route system, laser beam welding, press makings device, protection to enrage unit, 2 dimension to expect device reachs his to control a system up and down. The each technology index of whole system and function all achieve international banner level, not only soft hardware configuration is reasonable, and moving stability is reliable. 21 centuries auto industry is being entered can ask to undertake according to the user flexible the kind that module type produces, it is certain in car domain that laser beam welding receives technology and technology of its laser beam machining can have greater progress, make the important treatment way in auto industry. Laser solders, auto industry makes the mark means of domain mainstream be in automobile manufacturing industry, laser beam welding receives a technology to machine a respect to be able to achieve perfect requirement almost in car component, and the component value of the car has very large proportion in value of car total prices, accordingly, the United States introduces high power laser the earliest auto industry, once, in American auto industry heart Detroit area has more than 40 laser beam machining to stand, use at car metal of cut and gear solder, make the remodel of the car shortens from 5 years. And be in Japan, laser beam welding receives the success that uses on product line to be fixed eyes upon for world place. Nowadays, very much famous Motor Corporation is built on the world special laser beam welding receives special product line. Laser beam welding receives a technology with its efficiency, economy, safe, intensity, fight etch the mark pattern that waits for irreplaceable advantage to become auto industry to make domain main trend. CNC Milling