How does PLC read the parameter such as the actual torsion that takes V90PN, electric current

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1 overview is among PLC and the process that V90PN communication exchanges data, often need to read the effective use that takes drive to linage shows according to using as or be calculated. The article introduces two kinds of methods to read respectively take the moving data related driver. Of 2 moving data read take a method one: When V90PN configuration controls mode for EPOS, and choice standard message 111 when, accepting in message with the key word that sends direction to all include to be able to be defined oneself for the user (PZD12) , if pursue,2-1 place is shown. The key word that graph 2-1 user defines oneself right now, can send a word through revising parameter P29151(user to define PZD oneself) the content that will define transmission direction PZD12. Optional runs data to be condition of actual and actual torque, absolutely electric current, DI. If need is read,take in addition other moving data to ask referenced method 2. Method 2: Can pass be based on aperiodic communication means uses FB286(SINA_PARA) or FB287(SINA_PARA_S) functional piece is read take driver to run data. CNC Milling