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In last few years, development of production of juice of our country cutting is rapidder, new product is rolled out ceaselessly, but Baconian rise, their main ingredient is be made up with all sorts of chemical additive by oily, water and become. The commonly used cutting fluid in production has cutting oil, emulsion and aqueous solution 3 kinds big. Cutting is oil-lubricated as good as rust-preventing characteristic, but cool and clean a gender poorer, in cutting the area can form oily mist when cutting, cause environmental pollution, at the same time oily resource is used up much, manufacturing cost is high. The refrigeration of fluid of water radical cutting and it is better to clean a gender, but rust-preventing characteristic is poorer. Emulsion has certain lubricity, cooling sex, clean gender and rust-preventing characteristic, it is current liquid of the most extensive a kind of cutting is used in production. But its service life is brief, waste liquid is much, the water pollution when discharging is more serious, must undertake depurative reclaiming with waste liquid handling accordingly. Reach its to purify a method with respect to the composition of emulsion now, of waste liquid reclaim processing, and how to extend the issue such as emulsion service life, the introduction is as follows. The composition of emulsion and the compositive emulsion that its purify methodological emulsion are to use mineral oil, emulsifying agent (wait like castor oil of oil sulphur acerbity natrium, sulphonating) the emulsification that reachs additive to had been made up beforehand is oily, add water dilute and become. Because of oil not dissolve at water, to make both mix, must add emulsifying agent so. Emulsifying agent is activator of a kind of surface, its element is by polar group and blame two parts form polar group. Former close water, but dissolve at water; Latter and lipophilic, but dissolve at oil. Become oil in the agitate in water when granule, emulsifying agent element arranges adsorption can directionally to be in grease on two interfaces, rise oil and water join, dissociative granule no longer pelagian because of agglomeration in water, make float chaotic juice. Emulsification oil is contained in emulsion little, namely density is low (if chroma is 3% ~ 5%) , it is better to cool and clean action, comfortable at rough machining and grinding; Concentration is high (if chroma is 10% ~ 20%) , lubricant function is better, comfortable at finish machining (wait for) like broaching and aperture of bore with a reamer. To improve the lubricant performance of emulsion further, the chloric, sulfur that still can add certain amount, phosphor extremely press additive, make up extremely press emulsion. Of emulsion purify a method to consider to make clear in last few years, be like the impurity in cutting fluid (wait like powder of drossy, emery wheel) reduce 10 μ M from 40 μ M, cutting tool durability can lengthen 1 ~ 3 times. Because the naked eye of people loses sight of the particle that is less than 40 μ M, become so the impurity in cutting fluid, dimension is less than 20 μ M, often be ignored by people place, however these sightless impurity are having the effect that cannot underestimate to metallic cutting treatment. When cutting is machined, on face of the knife before they will enter cutting tool and the interface that cut face of the knife after bits and cutting tool and workpiece contact area, produce intense friction, make cutting temperature increases, make cutting tool durability is reduced greatly, make machine exterior quality to become poor at the same time. Accordingly, current research thinks, no matter be accurate treatment, still getting cut, Kong He of reaming, bore with a reamer bores hole in waiting for common treatment, to raise cutting tool durability and dependability, improve a spare parts to machine quality, all should use depurative cutting liquid. In addition, clean cutting fluid still can prevent microbial growth. The service life of emulsion deteriorates shortly, easily, have main concern with microbial in emulsion growth. Microbial in emulsion breed is very breathtaking. The level that emulsion contains a bacterium to measure is not to exceed 1000 / ML, when the bacterium breed arrives be more than 0.

105 ~ of 1 × 1 × 106 / when ML, emulsion can deteriorate smell, can pollute surroundings, make the harmful gas such as vulcanization hydrogen and carbon dioxide is contained in air, affect worker health. The cleanness that maintains emulsion can fall bacterial breed to lowest. 1 with 8.

Dominate a powerful person or family 2 with 5.

Eddy segregator 3.

Overflow a powerful person 4.

Fully sheathed case 6.

Hydraulic pump 7.

Store fluid box 9.

Pipeline 10.

Magnetic segregator 11.

Filter box 12.

Reclaim implement graph the multistage of 1 emulsion filters the impurity such as the powder of purifies the belt in handle even if working it to enter drossy, emery wheel of device emulsion is seasonable purify. Purify a method commonly usedly to have: Filter law and separation process. Filter the law is to use poriferous data, wait like qualitative net of copper wire, cloth, expanded plastics make filter, with the impurity that the emulsion when eliminate is working produces; Separation process is application the device such as gravitational precipitation, inertial depart, magnetic depart, the impurity that the emulsion when eliminate is working produces. Actual production middling uses a few kinds of methods integratedly. The multistage that the graph is shown 1 times is a kind of emulsion namely filters device. It is made not only simple, the structure is compact, and filter the effect is good, can make sure emulsion has taller cleanness to spend. This device by hydraulic pump 6, vortical segregator 2 with 5(thick filter 5, 2) of filter of essence of life, magnetic segregator 10, high-pressured fully sheathed case 4, filter box 11, box of lay aside fluid 7, overflow a powerful person 3 reach control a powerful person 1 and 8 wait for composition. When the job, hydraulic pump 6 emulsion from box of lay aside fluid 7 inside take out and approach the first level vortical segregator 5 inside, make emulsion medium 25 μ of 10 ~ the impurity of M is come out by depart, fill whole fully sheathed case next 4 make maximum pressure generates inside box. After pressure reachs fair value, emulsion is pressed the 2nd class is vortical segregator 2 inside, undertake filter of essence of life purifies processing, and 5 ~ the petty and atomic depart of 10 μ M comes out. The emulsion after be being handled through afore-mentioned purifying can be brought to area of machine tool work to use. And had used contain the emulsion with more impurity, and from vortical segregator 2 and 5 in of generation sedimentary pass reclaim implement the cone of 12 is flowed into filter box 11 inside. Through magnetic and detached processing, will contain the impurity that cuts bits to have a first treatment among them, flow again next return case of lay aside fluid 7 inside continue to use. In using, if need to cut off the supply of emulsion temporarily (should change for example) of treatment spare parts, want to close control valve only, emulsion can carry overflow a powerful person 3 and regurgitate arrives box of lay aside fluid 7 inside, make whole filter purify systematic bos to stop the work. According to the report, abroad returns development to give a kind to use rotor -- stator system purifies processing unit as fundamental emulsion (Russia patent invents date No 1503895) , it is a basis emulsion of going from place to place has greater pressure to fall in the Kong Shi through becoming sectional with principle of empty phenomenon of speed gradient sound, reason can obtain the emulsion with high petty dispersion, the particle in emulsion but broken into 0.

8 ~ 1.

2 μ M. According to saying, this is to purify a kind of device with the most effective emulsion. Of useless emulsion reclaim a large number of mineral oil plants are contained in handling useless emulsion (make up oil of a ton of emulsification to need to use mechanical oil for example 600 ~ 800kg) and exterior activator, because the past knows inadequacy to its harm sex, use so discharge directly. As rapid development of industry, the discharge capacity of sewage of this kind of oiliness grows day and day. According to not complete count, chinese mainland only the day discharge capacity of machinist job useless emulsion already evened more 200 million tons. The environmental pollution that oiliness sewage causes is increasingly serious, affected water severely vivid floral grows, agriculture irrigates and the life of people uses water. In addition, the exterior activator in useless emulsion (emulsifying agent) because its action is to make mineral oil expects height is dispersive,be in water, keep clear of harder so, and many emulsifying agent have the effect that adds carcinogenic substance, what its endanger sexual score to come loose is smeary more serious. Accordingly, the useless emulsion without processing must not be discharged arbitrarily. Of useless emulsion reclaim processing, accord with environmental protection requirement already, but managing the sources of energy, reduce manufacturing cost. Of useless emulsion reclaim processing technology useless emulsion reclaims the process of processing is roughly: The concentration of useless emulsion → of broken breast of → of → purify impurity takes oily → water quality to purify → to take sample assay → to liquid waste is discharged or be used for recycle. The critical process that useless emulsion handles is to should make grease detached, defeat breast namely. Want to drip the oil in emulsion namely, come out from the in surrounding depart of water, make oily drop gathers each other, next have the aid of departs at gravity action, make oily, moisture leaves to come. The broken breast method of the useless emulsion of broken breast method of useless emulsion, basically have acidification law and get together change a way two kinds. Acidification law is gone to namely acid is added in useless emulsion (like hydrochloric acid or vitriolic) . Adds acid can use industry to abandon acid. Because be in current emulsion recipe, majority chooses anion emulsifying agent (like) of castor oil of oil sulphur acerbity natrium, sulphonating, encounter acid to be able to be destroyed so, emulsification makes corresponding organic acid, make grease detached, and of the pH indicator in acid introduce, also conduce to the process of broken breast. Acerbity dosage is 0 what wait for processing emulsion weight.

2% , chroma is 37% ; When if use,abandoning acid, acerbity dosage should be increased appropriately. Get together change a law to add salt in useless emulsion namely kind electrolyte (like 0.

4% chloridize are calcic) with flocculating agent (like 0.

2% aluminous) , in order to achieve the goal that emulsion defeats breast. The advantage of acidification law is oleaginous better, cost is low, water quality it may not be a bad idea, the oil content in water quality is commonly under 20mg/L, chemical oxygen demand (COD) value also cuts lacteal method than other low; Its defect is sedimentary more. Get together the good point that changes a way is to cast dosage little, general plant all is used conditionally, but oleaginous poorer. 1.

Main transfer machinery 2.

Swing oil dish 3.

Piston pump 4.

Container 5.

Oilcan 6.

Inclined chamfer pursues the device of oil of 2 purify float 1.

Store fluid box 2.

Purify float oily device 3.

Store acerbity chamfer 4.

Report coagulates implement 5.

Cistern 6, 9.

Oil tank 7.

Hydraulic pump 8.

Oil pump 10, 12.

Pump 11.

Broken breast box pursues 3 useless emulsion reclaim the methodological plan that handles oil of float of purify of flow sketch map shows a kind of plant that eliminates float oil to go on the fluid face from emulsion 2 times, it is to use what dip is rotating in the liquid to swing oil dish 2 will come true. Float oily adhere is in dish on, use scraper to blow oil come down and along inclined chamfer 6 stream get together oilcan 5 in, use piston pump next 3 again will oily from coal tub 5 in take out and carry container 4 in, swing oil dish rotating is to pass main transfer machinery 1 will come true. Useless emulsion reclaims processing unit pursues the 3 sketch map that handle flow to abandon emulsion to reclaim. It is by box of lay aside fluid 1, purify float oily device 2, lay aside acerbity chamfer 3, report coagulates implement 4, broken breast box 11, lay aside oilcan 6 with 9, and cistern 5 wait for composition. When the job, the useless emulsion that will used first converge amasses chest of lay aside fluid 1 inside, quiet place period of time, make among them impurity (wait like powder of drossy, emery wheel) precipitation at one's store of valuables, partial in suspension uses purify float oily device in the oil reservoir on fluid face 2 make its guide lay aside oilcan 9 inside. Has precipitated emulsion uses pump 12 inspiratory to broken breast box 11 inside, and should contain in straw entry point copper wire filter. Broken breast box defeats breast to use for emulsion, need for this from lay aside acerbity chamfer 3 in infuse hydrochloric acid or vitriolic, in order to adjust PH value () of acerbity alkaline land value, make oily, moisture leave, and float in box 11 in the float oil on fluid face uses device of purify float oil 2 also guide lay aside oilcan 9 in, use oil pump next 8 its from coal tub 9 inside epispastic in sending lay aside carry canister. The liquid reoccupy pump after broken in broken breast box breast 10 carry report to coagulate implement 4 in, make through compressing airy agitate among them oil plants condenses into suspension shape is come out by depart, introduce it lay aside oilcan 6 inside, and sedimentary can coagulate from report implement the lower end eduction of 4. Classics report coagulates implement the clean water after processing introduces container 5 in, use hydraulic pump next 7 carry other to be used for recycle inside circular container or take sample laboratory test, qualification hind can be discharged. According to GB3551 regulation, industrial sewage discharges a standard to must accord with following requirements: PH value is 6~9, chemical oxygen demand (COD)<100mg/L, oil content <10mg/L, suspension content 500mg/L. If take sample laboratory test still short of discharges a requirement, can connect water again place the adsorptive tower that has active carbon inside, use active carbon adsorption, in purify water organic pollutant, but with get together heavy law treats a ton of foul water, want to use 20 Kg active carbon, very wasteful. Accordingly, the material that sift Yu is used in general plant -- active coal, purify sorbent as water quality. Alleged sieve Yu does not accord with the small coal bead of certain standards namely. Bead of active small coal has bigger than active carbon surface to accumulate, its adsorption effect compares reason active carbon is more ideal. The methodological emulsion service life that prolongs emulsion service life is brief, if inappropriate be apt to manages, with respect to can degenerative smell, to assure the quality of emulsion and prolate service life, emulsion should be followed with along with match, should not be long Tibet. Emulsion should buy is put indoors or have the place that blocks this world, temperature should maintain in 2 ℃ ~ 27 ℃ , lay aside wants to build on fluid box, in case the impurity such as dirt falls, influence service mass. The hardness that expresses 1 water breeds to the bacterium in emulsion the dilution water of influence emulsion chroma of several passes a day to count 0 1 2 3 4 1:25 distilled water 0.

1 2.

8 4.

5 8.

6 9.

72ppm 0 of 1 soft water.

1 14.

7 10.

2 13.

2 15.

700ppm 0 of 9 hard water.

1 10.

5 16.

3 21.

0 33.

4 note: × of bacterium number unit 106 when making up emulsion, should put water in first make up a bucket inside, ask according to chroma again emulsification oil slowly in water, at the same time infuse, at the same time agitate, make its form even emulsion. Water is warm had not answered low, arise easily otherwise agglomerate phenomenon. What should notice is, when at present many handlers are making up emulsion, it is to use a bucket to arrive inside storehouse first the emulsification that get is oily, turn on the water directly next attenuant, make emulsification oil is in water so not easily mix is even, assure quality hard. Water quality hardness still should notice when making up emulsion, the hardness of water connects the place in often rising with every to contain hardness the Mg number of mineral calcium carbonate shows, express with Ppm namely, the hardness of water should be between 100~200ppm. The water with too big hardness not only the stability that can affect emulsion and rust-preventing characteristic, what can accelerate a bacterium is progenitive, see a table 1. For this, need to undertake bate is handled. If can join catharsis soda NaCO3. 10H2O or use distilled water. Abroad is commonly used clean water will make up emulsion. Clean water is to go actually ionic water. Use the emulsion that ionic water makes up, in use does not have hangover, do not corrode machine tool and workpiece, and emulsion deteriorates not easily, service life is long. But the price is more expensive, basically use at the accurate treatment situation that has special demand. Emulsion should notice daily maintenance and management, should be spent to cleanness of water quality, system regularly and systematic fluid quantity undertakes detecting. It is very important to emulsion function stability that systematic cleanness is spent, systematic cleanness basically is degrease. Because producing the meeting in the process to take away partial emulsion, want seasonable complement new juice everyday so, make amount of systematic total juice fixed. When fluid infusion, the position that should note groove wants low, speed slow. Must point out, emulsion wants to often be used circularly ceaselessly, stop machine is longer the emulsion that does not work (be like 51 put) length a holiday with 11 National Days, still need to time undertake circular (should lie between 3 ~ 4 days at least, actuate hydraulic pump) , agitate or connect air; Or add antiseptic, compensatory additive to wait, breed in order to prevent bacterium of oxygen of the be disgusted with in emulsion in great quantities, bring about emulsion metamorphism. L.

Emulsion centers L1 of supply purifying device.

Contain L2 of current of foreign matter emulsification.

Deepen emulsification current C.

M1, M2 circulates inside... Mn.

The machine tool pursues the chroma that 4 emulsion furnish to the emulsion that sketch map works detects regularly even and adjust it centrally and PH value. The chroma of emulsion is 5% ~ normally 15% . Chroma is exorbitant bubble is much, cost is high also, stimulate the skin, cooling sex is poor; Density is too low, criterion rust-preventing characteristic, restrain bacterial ability and lubricity to become poor. The reason that brings about chroma to drop is very much, if tall, butterfat mixes the hardness of water quality,pollution of grease separate out, bacterium, emulsifying agent is used up, emulsion is not stable etc, inspect a circumstance to must try in time to adjust. The PH value of emulsion should show neuter or take basicity slightly, namely PH value should be 7 ~ 9. When PH the value is less than 6 when, emulsion is not stable, action is corroded since the meeting. If PH value falls, can add a few NaOH or soda, but cannot add too much. If PH cost rises, should add a few new the emulsion that make up. Consider to make clear, be worth when PH by 12 ~ 14 drop 8 ~ 9 when, the bacterium in emulsion is progenitive and right now splitting, should join antiseptic (be like inferior armour 2 chloridize phenol, second 2 amine the) such as 4 ester acerbity EDTA. Antiseptic is used in emulsion, have sex of a kind of concussion only antiseptic action, want to turn over Fu to use regularly so, left and right sides of a month is added. But often use same kind of antiseptic, what also can cause a bacterium is drug-fast. To prolong the service life of emulsion, still can use the method that centers feed flow. Alleged concentration feed flow is will much stage wet of treatment, use same cutting way and data, the emulsion supply unit that becomes independent severally on every machine tool, amalgamative for system of a supply, if pursue,4 are shown. Because used circumfluence of liquid of systemic circulation, large flow, great distance,center feed flow, so the quantity of heat of emulsion sends out fast, temperature of feed flow system is low, and be mixed on the weekend still set during the shutdown such as holiday inside circularly (see a picture 4 in C loop) , make the emulsion of large flow flows can uninterruptedly, restrained bacterial growth effectively, also be opposite easily at the same time the function index of emulsion (the value that be like PH, chroma and bubble) implementation automata, ensure the quality of emulsion. In addition, center feed flow to also facilitate corrupt the concentration of fluid purifies processing, protect zoology environment. Engine of limited company of car of masses of chinese mainland Shanghai the factory uses concentration to emulsion after feed flow, make the mean life of emulsion rose when more dispersive than stand-alone feed flow 2.

5 times, obtained the economic benefits that showing. But center feed flow the cost of one-time investment is higher. Carry out a proof, emulsion should furnish correctly only, make up, deposit, keep and antiseptic, its service life can be lengthened greatly. CNC Milling