Explain hydraulic pressure of shipping derv lead plane tears open the use of outfit tool

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Bearing of headstock of shipping diesel engine, connecting rod and air cylinder lid wait main component a moment is through bolt and nut this comes to fastener connective, to assure the regular job of these component, set respective torque standard normally: When installing nut, bolt will be spun, inside the torque range that if screw pitching moment is in,sets, criterion bolt happening flexibility is out of shape, be in torsional after disappearing, bolt can reply to be this to primitive length, diesel engine manufactory also offers special hydraulic pressure to tear open outfit tool, use hydraulic pressure to tear open outfit tool to be able to assure to be torn open correctly already outfit, return the labor intensity that can reduce a worker, improve efficiency. At present personal classics serves as random accessory, use generally. The use that explains hydraulic pressure of shipping derv lead plane tears open outfit tool 1, the main part that hydraulic pressure dismantles outfit tool 1.

1 hand moves hydraulic pump hand to move hydraulic pump to be oil pump of move back and forth of force plunger type normally, pressure is commonly amount to 60Mpa~100Mpa (inspect different type and decide) , the pressure that is used at tearing open the screw cap such as outfit airscrew and intermediate axis law is greater. Place is N32 commonly with hydraulic pressure oil or N46 is fought grind hydraulic pressure oil. The hand moves hydraulic pump device to see. Its working process is: Mention handle 6, one-way a powerful person 3 enter reciprocating pump the oil cylinder of 5, control helper power the force plunger of 5 issues 6 reciprocating pump oily oil pressure of exercise hydraulic pressure is high, when oil pressure achieves formulary pressure, right one-way a powerful person 3 open, high-pressured oil passes fast connect 7 enter hydraulic pressure drawing implement. 1.

Drawing of 2 hydraulic pressure implement hydraulic pressure drawing implement comprise by dynamical oil cylinder and dynamical piston, in the piston jacket has 1 or 2 fast connect. Some motivation contain whorl and photograph of the equipment that be torn open to connect on the piston, some takes the whorl inside sleeve additionally to connect dynamical piston and photograph of the equipment that be torn open. 1.

The special glue that tube of 3 high pressure and tube of fast connect high pressure are silk screen of Bao Fugang of inside and outside is in charge of, two end of the canal contain fast connect, among them a fast connect still is contained stop a device. High-pressured tube and fast connect move hydraulic pump device and hydraulic pressure drawing with the hand respectively implement be linked together, have the effect of oil of deferent high pressure. After contact ravels, stop answer device to shut, can prevent leak of leakage of hydraulic pressure oil. 1.

Drawing of hydraulic pressure of 4 gripper unit implement 1- motivation oil cylinder; 2- motivation piston; 3- fast connect; Gripper unit of 4- oil seal is used at drawing of join hydraulic pressure implement with the diesel engine that is disassembled, its structure is decided along with the structural dimension of diesel engine. 2, hydraulic pressure tears open the working principle hydraulic pressure that mounts a tool to tear open outfit tool is proper length goes to bolt drawing below the action in hydraulic pressure force, come back nut the position to the regulation, next discharge removes hydraulic pressure force, make bolt flexibility restores to come original length, form clamping force solid to tighten the spare parts of diesel engine thereby. Its job process is: Load bolt bolt aperture inside, come back screw cap to bolt to go up, drawing of join hydraulic pressure implement, part through fast connect with high-pressured tube with hydraulic pressure drawing implement use hydraulic pump connection with the hand; The hand that start uses hydraulic pump, when oil pressure achieves formulary pressure, come back with the hand tight screw cap, next open relief valve, discharge removes force of hydraulic pressure oil pressure, demolish hydraulic pressure drawing implement, installation job is accused namely finish. Of screw cap disassemble the program undertakes by the measure with installation contrary program can. 3, disassemble common problem reachs processing way in the job 4.

1 hand moves the use hand of hydraulic pump to use hydraulic pump is the tool that fashions oil of high-pressured hydraulic pressure, what add the hydraulic pressure oil that pour to must assure to did not get pollution, because of polluted hydraulic pressure impurity is contained in oil, the force plunger of meeting cut hydraulic pump or oil cylinder surface cannot form horniness impurity thereby oil pressure, and of foreign matter mix a person to also can make the one-way a powerful person, a powerful person such as by-pass valve cannot rigor closes the leak of oil of hydraulic pressure of generation of as a result. 3.

Watch of pressure of 1 oil pump should detect regularly demarcate, prevent collision damage, undertake with making sure those who tear open outfit job is accurate. The air in oil path should be given off before oil pump is operated, should pull equably when the operation touch handle, make sure oil pressure must not exceed 105% what provide oil pressure.


Of tube of 2 high pressure maintain in pump oil in unit process of cargo bandling, if be in,high-pressured tube and fast connect place appear phenomenon of hydraulic pressure oily leak, should stop pump oil instantly, avoid by all means is fluky psychology continues to use, in order to prevent high-pressured oil ejective cause safe accident. Fast connect should use cap to the lid is tightened or wrap up with clean cloth after use, avoid foreign matter interfuse. 3.

Drawing of 3 hydraulic pressure implement drawing of use hydraulic pressure implement have on dynamical piston " O sealing ring (drawing of some hydraulic pressure implement still contain on dynamical piston special and plastic gasket and another O sealing ring) . Use experience for a long time to make clear, if dynamical piston " O sealing ring is big 0.


It is better that 3mm uses the effect, tear open in hydraulic pressure so when outfit system puts oily step-down, the vacuum that can cheer a crock is spent and make dynamical piston returns original position very quickly. Hydraulic pressure drawing implement installation is installing drawing of good hydraulic pressure implement hind, should drawing implement the edge turns over direction to rotate 1~3 turns (look diesel engine model and decide) , can stay so clearance tears open next drawing in order to go to the lavatory implement; Often notice to be less than this problem in day-to-day operation. Disassembling in the job, after nut loosens completely, should screw screw cap edge direction rotates 60 ~120 also can leave gap so, facilitating drawing implement disassemble. Disassembling in screw cap operation, when drawing implement after dynamical piston spins bolt, can loosen screw cap, put hydraulic pressure oil next, usually, dynamical piston arrives with respect to the reply original position. But the oil seal as a result of dynamical piston too close or other reason, dynamical piston cannot return original position; Special tool should be used to carry fast connect on the head commencement below this kind of circumstance it replies former. 3.

Of 4 bolt and screw cap maintain in using hydraulic pressure to tear open outfit tool to tear open the job that holds screw cap, can appear sometimes the circumstance that tears open outfit difficulty, main reason has the following. Because the hydrosphere inside engine room, water is reached sundry touch add to bolt, make be formed between bolt and screw cap ferruginous, as a result tears open outfit difficulty. Because this is in,should go up in bolt at ordinary times daub diesel engine is oily, maintain good bolt prevents to rust. Tear open the whorl that attaint bolt should prevent in installing a process; If whorl personal classics attaint, criterion must first repair, reoccupy screw cap is done come back to experiment, in affirm the circumstance that did not block block issues ability to be able to continue to tear open outfit. When producing screw cap to tear open the circumstance that mounts difficulty, cannot increase the pressure of hydraulic pressure oil forcibly absolutely, because screw cap tears open the main reason that mounts difficulty,be rustily; Increase oil pressure not only the problem that insoluble screw cap becomes rusty, and the serious consequence that makes bolt happens to plasticity is out of shape and discard as useless likely. 3.

A variety of 5 problems that in operating the technical quality hydraulic pressure of personnel to tear open outfit tool to use, appear and the technical quality that operate personnel also have close relationship, operation personnel should understand diesel engine to concern the composition of component, familiar hydraulic pressure tears open the principle that packs a tool, action and operating rules, this finishs each tool, smoothly to using hydraulic pressure correctly to disassemble to tear open outfit job very helpful. CNC Milling