Knife of head of ball of form of chamfer of GM of diamond of individual plant continent

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The chamfer of this razor blade it is to think integratedly all sorts of actual cutting elements and through be as long as user of two years experiments, be optimized ceaselessly and finalize the design finally. The chamfer of the design of architect point of a knife in razor blade of the integral appearance outline of bit, center, razor blade and a few respects such as ultimate overload and fatigue damaged desired result undertook optimizing designing. This cutting tool is applied to when a mould rough machining is being enclothed outside the car model the face is puissant outline profiling, its main advantage depends on: Apply to all sorts of bit chamfer that are pledged by treatment material model with the structure; Outstanding anti-impact properties; Long and stable cutting tool service life; Low cutting is oscillatory, this is the raises the most difficult exceed element that restricts treatment efficiency; The cutting tool precision below tall appearance precision and treatment of high load capacity maintains gender and higher cutter hub reliability. CNC Milling