Z of cutting tool of numerical control lathe to to knife law

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The Z Xiang Ling that Z of cutting tool of numerical control lathe places length and workpiece coordinate department to the outfit that goes up in knife handle to knife data and cutting tool nods the position to concern, it uses what certain work coordinate fastens to fastened medium seat in machine tool coordinate at 0 o'clock, can use cutting tool to try directly cut pair of knives, also can use Z to set implement undertake be been opposite accurately knife, its job principle and seek an edge implement identical. The tip pivot blade cutting tool and workpiece surface or Z also are when the knife to to set implement the contact that measure a head, the indication that uses machine tool coordinate will be worth to the knife certainly. Should use Z to set implement to the knife when, should consider Z to set implement height. Additional, the cutting tool that uses as a result of machining center place is more, every go to cutting tool Z coordinate the space 0 o'clock is not same, the difference of these distances is worth even if the length of cutting tool compensates a value, accordingly, need is on the machine tool or special pair of length that every cutting tool measures on Dao Yi () of cutting tool preliminary adjustments, record in cutting tool list, for the machine tool operation personnel is used. The Z on machining center to to the knife one boat has the following two kinds of methods: 1.

To the knife this method is to use Z on machine to set implement ordinal and affirmatory the mutual position relationship of every cutting tool and work in department of machine tool coordinate. Its operate measure to be as follows: (1) is ordinal get on cutting tool outfit in main shaft, use Z to set implement decide every cutting tool the distance that to workpiece coordinate Z Xiang Ling nods. (2) looks for Zhou among them the longest, be apart from the smallest cutting tool to workpiece, the Z that regards workpiece coordinate as the department its to knife value AG is worth. This method is taller to knife efficiency and precision, investment is little, but craft file writes inconvenience, have certain effect to producing an organization. 2.

Preliminary adjustments of the cutting tool outside machine is added to the knife this method is the axial that appearance of cutting tool preliminary adjustments uses to measure every cutting tool accurately outside preexistence machine tool and radial dimension on machine, the length that decides every cutting tool compensates a value, go up in the machine tool next among them a the longest or the shortest cutting tool undertakes Z to to the knife, certain work coordinate is. This kind of method is tall to knife precision and efficiency, of facilitating craft file write reach manufacturing organization, protect investment bigger. CNC Milling