The damaged of machine tool cutting tool detects

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System of graph 1 Desmodromic is the high-powered autocycle with the famous whole world of a concept that Ducati engine realizes high speed, high reliability from the in order to that uses all the time since 1972 company of manufacturing business Ducati Motor is in long-term treatment experience is accumulated in, realised must control the value that valuable spare parts machines Desmodromic engine strictly, decide to undertake ameliorative to this treatment. Depend on cutting tool damaged finally to detect production gave distinctive camshaft, prevent to machine the loss that damaged of the cutting tool in the process causes. Between a year, different cutting tool should be used by tens of thousands second, existing to take out the risk of craze or damaged cutting tool from inside knife library from beginning to end, this meeting causes very serious consequence. The testing system of damaged of Renishaw cutting tool that surveys a technology through using the blame that is based on innovation to contact laser, be readily solved of this one problem. The most important segment in camshaft production process is finished on two Stama machining center. Annual of these two machining center is uninterrupted movement, the camshaft that production uses at all sorts of Ducati engine (graph 2) . The production technologist Fulvio Abbondi of Ducati Motor comments on: "Production axis the precision with very tall need, whole nicety machines a process to be finished in our factory. This is a kind of very costly spare parts. It is made by special type alloy steel, the cost when the blank after first time thick car puts a machine tool already special costly. " pursue 2 camshaft were used special " ascendant brae " system of 3 Renishaw NC4 of blame tradition blueprint is used at preventing damaged cutting tool to cause damage to very costly spare parts, remove waste product, shun new treatment and wasteful time plan 4 installation work in the machine tool the Renishaw outside the area, the consequence of damaged of occurrence cutting tool will be very serious, the significant loss that causes reject, new treatment possibly wastes time. Damage possibly still machine tool main shaft, this one loss adds the cost of itself of special cutting tool to will achieve thousands of euro. Implementation controlled Abbondi to mention the action that cutting tool damaged detects. "Undertake to machining a process on the machine tool the examination is very important. Setup of Renishaw NC4 system is on two machining center: After cutting tool is record in the preparation in main shaft to machine, can be in instantly the beam of light that appoints height to cross this device (graph 3) . If cutting blade damaged, not be 100mm for example, however 97mm is long, laser system can be given out call the police. Apparent, every kinds of cutting tool has his length, diameter to wait, and the system is passed in cutting tool detect consider this one factor inside when beam of light. " he continues to say: "Use NC4, we still can check the damaged of the small cutting tool of the key that is used on treatment cam and other datum mark, of this pair of engine move normally very crucial. If do not have Renishaw system, the machine tool may move below the circumstance of cutting blade damaged, cause disastrous consequence. In addition, because undertake to cutting tool automatic damaged detects, an operator manages two machine tools easily: The whole thing that he needs to do is to lade merely the spare parts ensures everything moves smooth. " process control is crucial to processing an operation, place of Abbondi of no less than says: "The first thing that we do is the can examine power of main shaft electric machinery system that installation provides one set by machine tool manufacturer. " this system checks older bit (use at drilling the deepest hole) wear away degree, broach merit force wears away in machining a process more apparent. If torque increases, mean cutting tool damaged, give out then call the police. But we still need to detect reliably quickly cutting tool damaged, even if is the smallest damaged also is not let off, these damaged often can have escaped the examination of most testing system. " traditional contact testing system is put in a few defect, often do not suit small cutting tool -- cutting tool is contacted " pushbutton " or " lever " hind activation device. Osculatory itself is put possibly also in the risk that destroys cutting tool. This means treatment to be able to be finished below low speed only, decelerated treatment process thereby and extend cycle time greatly. The system must be installed normally inside working area, took up valuable space, cause potential collision risk, because prep let alone is easy the low dependability that jam and causes. This should use Renishaw system to replace the reason of these device namely. Improve the development that promoted blame contact testing system with what beam of light checks laser technology, this kind of system can safety is measured than before smaller small cutting tool. Light beam of a bundle of laser is mixed in emitter receiver (installation is in machine tool workbench or on its a side) between mobile, such beam of light cross working area. When cutting tool crosses beam of light, the luminous flux that receiver detects decreases, then generation sparks pulse. If detect luminous flux did not decrease, the system issues signal of cutting tool damaged. Manufacturer of engine of global great majority uses return spring to shut in engine (exhaust and into gas) valve, these bedspring after the operation pullback valve former. Ducati is an exception, the system of blame tradition Desmodromic of this company has a lot of advantages. Through solving bedspring inertial problem reduces the operation of 30% to wear away, desmodromic allocation device makes engine leaves reliability in high speed stronger. Theoretic engine can exceed 20 very easily, 000r/min. Desmodromic uses mechanical system to close valve, this one concept results from the United States, but because cost is exorbitant and be abandoned. But, famous manufacturer of Boluoniya has another idea, desmodromic allocation unit joined in double crock engine 1972, will a few years use this one successful method all the time. Valve is use special cam and not be simple bedspring shut, established the accurate connection between valve and its position from each respects, this one term comes from Desmodromic S" of Hellenic "desm ò , means " contact " . CNC Milling