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The pump that check needs before imperial crown getting is machining pump housing spare parts to deliver goods (Zun Qi) Bor Vel of á of G of engineer of Grundfos production technologyõWith Imre Nagy and hill Gao Dao provides á of mechanical engineer Bal Zs Sisze. Past of Tatab á Nya once was Hungarian main mining center, it is located at this country the largest lignite deposit takes basin of Ny of á of Tatab á Nya-Oroszl. It remains an industry center, and the manufacturing base that is Danish Grundfos company. The Grundfos group that established by Poul Due Jensen 1945 is built in 41 countries have 72 companies, it is the whole world precedes and one of manufacturer of the most successful pump, water supply, heating and liquid waste processing system. Cover circular pump market about 50% make Grundfos becomes this field is the biggest supplier on the world. Besides pump, grundfos still produces the control system of electric machinery and pump, quite considerable electric machinery product sells business to undertake selling through its cent. Grundfos is divided to be two main fields in the base of Tatab á Nya -- factory of an electric machinery and processing factory of a pump, mutual employee 1300 people. Their production stainless steel and cast-iron spare parts are in the pump of finished product and electric machinery be carried the client's reach gives deserve to send a center. Since September 2006, the Zs Siszer of á of mechanical engineer Bal with tall hill cooperates cheek by jowl with Hungarian Grundfos firm all the time, help them optimize manufacturing cost. Past of Bor Velõ of á of G of engineer of Grundfos production technology is to work to provide a field at the knife alone, go considering how to solve the problem of cutting cost without time. "Our main goal is to optimize arrive again to Zhou Wu from Zhou Yi the machine tool of 3 movement of weekday and factory general affairs, " he says. "We are sold every year about 100, 000 pump, and we are the 2nd big pump supplies a company. " after establishing group of a 6S, velõ has time to find company of hill tall cutting tool, seek raise productivity and the proposal that reduce cost. Hill is tall recommend Crownloc imperial crown to get reduce as cost and simplify the global solution of inventory, use Feedmax bit at getting to cut a diameter for 11.

5mm(getting cuts deepness to be the aperture of 7 × D) to process application. After seeing the effect, grundfos used this kind of new cutting tool. The service level that the Imre Nagy of manufacturing technology engineer of Grundfos has to coming from hill tall knife is very satisfactory. "Every two weeks come Bal á Zs visit. Of course, if have need, he will come every week, " he says. Grundfos still is in outspread, and the 3rd plant that is in city of R of á of Rv of Kesfeh é of Hungarian Sz é is adjacent also and complete. CNC Milling