The parameter of lathe tool of horizontal circumgyrate figuration is calculated

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The offers figuration lathe tool cutting blade form of 1 problem is more complex, if use G0 of the horn before orthogonality is planar and A0 of the horn after orthogonality is planar,define point of view of figuration lathe tool, can make the measurement of figuration lathe tool, make and it is more difficult that blade is ground. For this, can be Gf of the horn before assuming feed is planar and definition of Af of the horn after assuming feed is planar the horn after the horn before the name of figuration lathe tool and name. Because the cutting blade of figuration lathe tool is broken line or curve, kr concerns cost of the character after the orthogonality that nods each on cutting blade accordingly is planar and the tool cutting edge angle that should nod, namely Tana0=tanafsinkr, when Kr=0 ° , a0=0 ° . In the graph 1 shows treatment circumstance to fall, of figuration lathe tool hind knife face is clingy the end panel of workpiece (W face) , attrition phenomenon is serious. To assure to machine quality and cutting tool life, the 2 ° of A0 ≥ that should make blade of cutting of figuration lathe tool is in at each o'clock 3 ° of ~ . Graph 1 graph the 2 ° of A0 ≥ that principle of lathe tool of figuration of 22 levels circumgyrate is in to assure ° of Kr=90 of tool cutting edge angle of figuration lathe tool 3 ° of ~ , can use opposite inside horizontal the figuration lathe tool at horn of workpiece circumgyrate Q (2) seeing a picture. The feed direction of this lathe tool keeps changeless, still perpendicular at workpiece axes, gf presses workpiece material choice, af presses choice of cutting tool type. Need computation to give LAN only sectional (namely figuration lathe tool is fore-and-aft section plane) inside of figuration lathe tool before horny Gnl, hind each nod the Pi of cut form deepness inside LAN plane on horny Anl and cutting blade, can undertake production by common figuration lathe tool, measure and blade is ground (need to will install tool reference plane to tilt only Q horn) . Graph 3 graphs the coordinate computation that 4 graphs nod I on workpiece of method of calculation of parameter of 53 lathe tool is before parameter of lathe tool of figuration of computational level circumgyrate, above all coordinate of workpiece of make choice of is, its coordinate origin is base point A, axis of X, Y is mixed along the radial of workpiece respectively axial, z axis points to cutting speed direction; Decide coordinate of figuration lathe tool is fastened next, its coordinate origin also is nodded in A, l axis points to cutting tool installed surface, m axis along cutting tool installed surface, n axis and Z gross ril load close. If the graph is shown 3 times, the radius that sets office of base point A is Ra, the radius that on workpiece profile I nods is Ri, if the graph is shown 4 times,the parameter that the coordinate value that the included angle that the horn before CB=rasingf nods the feed that I is in is Gfi=arcsinCBriCI and X axis is I of the dot on workpiece of CID of ∠ CID=gf-gfiDI=ricos ∠ is I of the dot on cutting tool of dimension of axial of workpiece of {Xi=DI-raZi=risin ∠ CIDYi= is calculated, if the graph is shown 5 times,the coordinate that I nods on cutting tool is {Li=Xicosq- YisinqMi=Xisinq+YicosqNi=Zi, inside LAN plane before horny Gnl, hind the Pi of cut form deepness that the computational type of horny Anl is I of the dot inside Gnl=arctanNiLianl=arctan(tanafcosq)LAN plane calculates by next type: Qi=(L2i+N2i)½Pi=Qicos(gnl+anl) basis inside LAN plane before horny Gnl, hind horny Anl and Pi of cut form deepness can make a figuration lathe tool that accords with treatment requirement. Need to tilt only when installation Q horn, can process an eligible work. CNC Milling