North ages milling machine of numerical control straight umbrella transforms a success

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A few days ago, for emergency use of Beijing gear total mill divides a factory to succeed to undertake counting accusing to change transforming to straight umbrella milling machine, become the first production of domestic to make the manufacturer of milling machine of bevel gear of numerical control straight tine. Begin from seventies, factory of cent of motivation of boreal tine machinery is imitated milling machine of tine of straight umbrella of Germany double head, it is the first production manufacturer of domestic. Enter numerical control automation in the round as industry of world machine tool, mechanical power plant began to cooperate to age to Y2726 bevel gear milling machine undertakes counting accusing to change transforming continuously jointly with university of Henan science and technology 2005. Above all, use company of imports and exports' existing old device, undertake heavying repair, after restoring to give factory precision, undertaking transforming. Use Xi Menzi number to control a system to replace system of original mechanical fluid drive, redesign made shake stage and system of dividing head transmission, cancelled original transmission case, machine tool to register turbine compose and tally. To match with photograph of numerical control system, undertook transforming to original hydraulic pressure system, the hand before uses control instead automation, reduced component of special hydraulic pressure, through servo electric machinery with numerical control system control shakes the motion of stage and dividing head, realized the CNC Machining that mill ages. The numerical control machine tool after transforming reduced computation to adjust the complex program that card and machine tool adjust greatly, handlers should input relevant parameter only, can show automatically on screen. And of will primary machine tool leave factory precision, bright and clean degree increased an accuracy class, reduced machine tool noise greatly, improved the quality that processes a product greatly, improved manufacturing efficiency, those who got an user approbate. CNC Milling