The 3 F function of SCAM

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CAD advocate the picture is like function of below 3 F 1, after F1 plot should choose parameter of graphical file, set to finish, enter namely by F1 make NC code appearance. If plan institute is shown. Here picture graph shows the area is medium, ◎ expresses to wear the position of filar aperture, x expresses to cut a point, □ represents cut way. Right now the meaning of the function key on screen is as follows: F1 is retrorse---Change cut way namely, if be a clockwise currently, anticlockwise direction turns into after pressing F1. F2 all cloth---Press a graph namely given angle and number distributings in circumferential on. Press after F2, occurrence clew is inputted " corner coming back is spent " rotate angle is an unit with spending, it is with X axis to included angle, anticlockwise direction is, the clockwise is negative, be defeated to rotate after angle, press occurrence picture of carriage return key, hint at this moment input " rotate a number " be defeated to rotate a number hind, bolt by carriage return all cloth graph. F3ISO---Generate the NC code F43B of ISO format namely---Generate the NC code F9 of 3B format namely---Save file to disk F10---Return picture of on one CAM 2, F2 is deleted point to the graphical file that deletes patulous name to be DXF. 3, when F3 perforation should need to use program of punched tape storage, f3 sends card punch to undertake punching outputting generated 3B format code. CNC Milling