Nicety machines casing of Dalian engine gear case

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Manufacturer of tool of German machine tool is the reliable partner of industry of Chinese orbit transportation. Limited company of car of engine of Dalian of group of Chinese north car, basically produce derv and electric power engine, EMU and derv engine, in their production the workshop has milling machine of boring of two UnioChemnitz horizontal to use -- a KCU150 and a KC130. Provide automatic knife library, card tightens workbench, cooling system, cutting tool detects, platoon bits implement with Leinishao wireless probe, equip the purpose of these equipment: Efficient machine gear case crust with nicety. KCU150 deploys the boring axis of a 150mm, 2500mm of journey X axis, y axis 2000mm, z axis 2100, w axis 700mm. A card tightens workbench (the work that 1600mm X 2000mm) uses at securing to heft 10 tons. Buy type is made the same score inside come back dish, firm ground is compositive go up to main shaft box, still deployed 60 knives automatic knife library. KC130 deploys the boring axis of a 130mm, 3200mm of journey X axis, y axis 2000mm, z axis 1500, w axis 750mm. The technical window of this stage machine tool is 80 knives automatic knife library and duplex operation tray exchanges a system automatically. Milling machine of boring of all UnioChemnitz horizontal, pass design with tall tigidity stably. These two machine tools equiped the 840D of compositive Shop-Mill function controls a system, in order to ensures of the high accuracy of the workpiece that finish all-around treatment. All core component is produced in Chemnitz, be " Germany is made " assure of high quality reliably. CNC Milling