The story of female rich and powerful people of name of hand of 10 become known

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Key word: ?  large bamboo hat guides poineering net of poineering project of poineering story of? female plute does poineering work " 10 old female rich and powerful people of Chinese " , on Liu Yingxia, Chen Lihua, Zhang Can, Yang Lan, Hou Liping, He Ran, Li Guilian, Shen Aiqin, Yin Aiping, Lei Jufang a list of names posted up. Investigation shows, the poineering course of Chinese female, the photograph is more labyrinthian to wanting at the male, more difficult, the amount that fortune accumulates is in also be inferior to the male on the whole. Nevertheless, choose " 10 old female rich and powerful people of Chinese " still be China shows the wealthy person with the toppest level. It is reported, this " 10 old female rich and powerful people of Chinese " selection standard is: On the career of plute of a list of names posted up basically must come from achieve and rather than to accede in person. Yang Lan: ? Also the endowment poplar billows that? of emperor choke unconscious if was not in business, total assets 8.

500 million yuan, peking Man, master of American Colombia university, chairman of sunshine culture foundation. Experience: Ying Meiwen of university of Beijing foreign language learns bachelor, international of university of new York Colombia and general affairs of international of college of public general affairs learn a Master. 1990, TV station of Yang Lan centrally begins to chair " big put together art " program, be loved consistently by countrywide audience. 1994, obtain first compere of Chinese " golden mike award " . 1996, with Shanghai east the TV station makes jointly " Yang Lan line of sight " the program issues the whole nation successfully. 1997, be chosen to be Colombian university international and member of advisory committee of prexy of public general affairs. Came in July 1997 1999, defend in Hong Kong phoenix inspect make and direct interview program " Yang Lan atelier " . 2000, hold the position of chairman of bureau of director of group of sunshine culture media, initiate " sunshine is defended inspect " . 2001, yang Lan takes up the post of Beijing to apply 2008 the figure ambassador of the Olympic Games; Of the same age in July, culture theme of Shen Ao is made state on behalf of Beijing on conference of Muscovite international Olympic committee; Of the same age rolls out program of world celebrity special interview " the interview records Yang Lan " ; Of the same age is obtained global of 10 influential force " " Chinese woman " times figure " one of. 2002 year " man of the time of Chinese enterprise female " one of. In March 2003, hold the position of a the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference committee member of committee of the 10th whole nation. Chen Lihua: ? Steep Huang Nuo of discharge  ゼ mires Chen Lihua of? of actinium of salty bed ┪ , total assets 5.5 billion yuan, peking Man, high school record of formal schooling, chairman of group of Hong Kong Fu Huaguo border, basically manage real estate. Experience: Her Chinese rosewood museum can be rivalled with implements of rosewood of the Imperial Palace. Zhang Can: ? Zhang Can of? of  of  of Po of scald in order to remove hairs or feathers of   Ge, total assets 1.1 billion yuan, peking Man, master's degree, dyne group president, basically manage technology of estate, Information Industry, biology. Experience: Zhang Can was taken an examination of 1982 on Beijing University, be cancelled by Beijing University after 3 years one's status as a student, compel leave school. The reason is somebody is informed against, 3 years ago some university did not read the northeast on the Ceng Kao when the university entrance exam of her first time, she is taken an examination of the 2nd year again on Beijing University. By set at that time, the examinee that does not learn to go up must stop take an examination of a year. Leave school incident causes huge blow to Zhang Can. She works everywhere only. Later, zhang Can and husband are formal go into business, when beginning to do poineering work, it is poor almost. That moment themselves assembles computer, often boil the latter half of the night two at 3 o'clock. The brushstroke big money that Zhang Can and husband make, be from Shenyang earn in storehouse of a reject. At the beginning of 1987, they earned 50 thousand yuan, this is in at that time can be the big money with marvelous brushstroke. Rely on this bit of saving, they begin to run a company together with others. 1988, because mix,contradiction appears between company board of directors, zhang Can and husband quited a company together, began the 2nd times to build up from nothing. They made a lot of attempts during this. 1992, zhang Can and husband return computer industry afresh, registered present dyne company. Zhang Can's couple helps dyne company before long, borrow 3 million yuan of RMBs from a foundation. The clever, tack as a result of Zhang Can and dependable and hardworking style, her company is managed by American health Bai Gong later settle on, became the Kang Bai total representative in Chinese market. Nextpage Hou Liping, total assets 7.

300 million yuan, average Yao person, three-year institution of higher learning, in the middle of Shanxi president of medical trade group. Experience: Was born at Shanxi ancient city to make the same score Yao 1956. Be graduated from school of Shanxi traditional Chinese medical science. In become Taiyuan to write an old traditional Chinese medical science after Shi Anji enters room child, with Shi Anji son Shi Yueming marries. Its medical skill is masterly, there is some of name quite in place. In November 1987, hou Liping raises fund 100 thousand yuan establish Taiyuan town kind ill hospital of rheumatism sex joint, this is China the first hospital of kind of ill specialized subject of rheumatism sex joint. 1994, establish Shanxi peaceful and pharmacy company. 1996, establish Shanxi in the middle of industrial group, hou Liping assumes president. On November 4, 1999, hou Liping becomes company of international of course of study of Chinese traditional medicine of stand at attention, accuse a Shanxi in the middle of industrial group. Subsequently, register one company in British and maiden archipelago again, accuse in the middle of company of medical industry international, among them Shi Yueming is held 99% , hou Liping is held 1% . On July 25, 2000, medical industry lands Hong Kong in the middle of. Hang out one's shingle that day, medical industry rises in the middle of amount to 76% , the newspaper closes 1.

50 HK dollar. Go tall all the way ever since, ever amounted to the perch of 4 HK dollar. The fortune of Hou Liping's couple jumps accordingly. 2001, hou Liping with 7.

300 million yuan of asset by " Forbes " choose Chinese plute a list of names posted up, rank the 69th, obtain " Shanxi daughter head rich " title. He Ran, total assets 600 million yuan, chengdu person, university undergraduate course, sichuan country vacates newsletter president, basically manage IC to block phone equipment. Experience: He Ran is to enter " Forbes a list of names posted up of 10 big IT plute " one of 3 females with medium few amount to, also be to enter " Forbes a list of names posted up of 10 big IT plute " exclusive a female. For the person she low-key founded Chengdu country vacates communication (group) limited company, became country's at present biggest IC phone manufacturer, the sales revenue 2000 is achieved 1.

2 billion dollar, have 700 stuff. The first pail of her gold comes from option market, begin to invest chip of production IC phone and phone security system later. Li Guilian, total assets 600 million yuan, dalian person, university undergraduate course, dalian big Yang Ji's round president, basically run dress line of business. Experience: Everything as a child the factory begins. Shen Aiqin, total assets 600 million yuan, hangzhou person, record of formal schooling of junior high school, president of group of all things interest, basically manage silk product. Experience: " Forbes " the China that announce " head rich " rank, the Shen Aiqin platoon of benefit of Zhejiang all things is in the 85th. Go up this of a list of names posted up " head rich " average age is 45 years old, shen Aiqin this year already 57 years old; "Head rich " in the center only 7 are a female, shen Aiqin is the only female in entrepreneur of a list of names posted up on Zhejiang; "Head rich " in only 19 people had not gotten higher education, what one column keeps educational rate of Shen Aiqin however is " junior high school " . So, she is " head rich " in a the most special. When Zhu Zong manages to inspect in Zhejiang, the hand that holding her says: "You are a treasure! Your name should call Shen Aibao. " the approach that the traditional product silk that because be her,found a China takes modernization. 1946 a cold winter, shen Aiqin is born in " heaven " home of a Hangzhou is suburban common silkworm raiser. Domestic environment and the society at that time make she was born to begin the destiny make a stand against with severe cold and affliction from. She has been planted cropland, had cut grass, rural poverty is backward, the hardships life of the farmer kept the memory that remember to the end of one's life to her, arose to do the intense impulse that the enterprise becomes rich. She does enterprise and the belief that do well the enterprise later particularly pure, let a farmer wear namely warm satiate, so she chose silk and breed. Shen Aiqin thinks he earns " the first pail of gold " be 1978, this may be opposite 11 with her 3 in plenary meeting very appreciate about. 1978, silken in those days factory still won't make clothing, those who do is silk fabrics completely, it is bedcover mostly. The worker in she and factory is away on official business with respect to countrywide each district, promote bedcover, sitting hard board, after getting off from Beijing railway station, busy move goes each bazaar are promoted. In the evening, live 5 wool money is spread late shower room is big. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person. Since the Beijing at that time east after installing bazaar to set next shop, become famous overnight achieve instant fame. At that time no matter the silk product of Hangzhou compares northward product to want on quality and design and color welcome, in those days Shen Aiqin earned 60 thousand yuan, the number with not small brushstroke. As a wealthy woman, shen Aiqin lives envy making a person " wealthy old woman " the life. Of course, happiness and money have particular concern, but the condition that is not only absolutely. Shen Aiqin likes to go abroad, she says, not be to play, she likes outlook namely. Besides silk, group of all things interest still manages aquiculture, once period of time, the whole nation of soft-shelled turtle be on sale of all things benefit, earned much money. Now, she aims at future on biology breed aquatics again, develop new-style feed feed the child of another Jin Wa that deep-sea edible fish is all things benefit. Another fortune story began. Yin Aiping, total assets 4.

300 million yuan, zhengzhou person, MBA, president of group of Henan river sea, basically manage hotel industry, bldg. . Experience: From slow-moving television build up. Lei Jufang, total assets 2.

100 million yuan, lintiao person, university undergraduate course, surprise to hiding medical group president, basically run medical line of business. Experience: Gansu Province surprises to hiding medical group president, 2002 by " scientific investment " the magazine is chosen for " 10 old female rich and powerful people of Chinese " one of. 2004, she 52 years old with 3. 2.4 billion yuan individual fortune, row 2004 " new money " Laosilaisi a list of names posted up of 500 wealthy people the 424th. Strange there are many 800 10 enterprises, stuffs below division of Tibetan drug group, year sale exceeds 200 million yuan of RMBs. To belongings, lei Jufang's understanding is: "Belongings exceeds 1 million, lost the sense that the individual has. " Liu Yingxia, building engineer, dalian manage is versed in college part-time job is taught, harbin circle in the air accipitral group president. Vice-chairman of federation of industry and commerce of members of standing committee of Heilongjiang province green couplet, Heilongjiang province, Heilongjiang visits committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Association of entrepreneur of youth of committee member of countrywide green couplet, whole nation is standing member of directly under of business association of academician of female entrepreneur of director, whole nation, whole nation; Heilongjiang was saved 2000 " 10 old prominent young people " , heilongjiang was saved 2000 " hand of 38 red flags " , quan Guojie gave poineering woman 2001. The enterprise of her leader is one of 60 industries that focal point of Heilongjiang province government supports, the enterprise has stuff 1400 much people, fixed assets is close 300 million yuan, implemented profit after tax 2000 26.81 million yuan, hand in taxes 21.13 million yuan. CNC Milling