New-style hard alloy, the hard alloy that adds tantalum, niobium

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Summary: Basically introduced to add tantalum, niobium the sort of hard alloy and function, introduce data of test of a few cutting. Keyword: Hard alloy; Tantalum, niobium; Cutting cutting tool 1 overview high-speed steel can bear only the temperature under 600 ℃ . High-speed steel cutting tool accepts the restriction of hear resistance, cutting speed cannot exorbitant, control in 20 ~ 25m/min only, its cutting efficiency still is in reason inferior level. The hardness of high-speed steel is HRC62 ~ only 65, cannot hard steel of cutting temper by dipping in water and cold hard cast-iron. Of material of hard alloy cutting tool come out, make cutting machined a level to appear a leap. Hard alloy cutting tool can realize high speed cutting and hard cutting. The metallic compound that hard alloy is tall hardness, difficult frit is pulverous (the) such as WC, TiC, make the pulverous metallurgy product that binder presses base, agglomeration and becomes with the metal such as cobalt or nickel. Among them, tall hardness, high temperature resistant carbide plays to be gotten more than high-speed steel much, reason can bear very high cutting humidity, allow to use very high cutting rate. But the machinability as a result of horniness stage gold is poor, and more fragile, basically used at milling cutter of lathe tool knead dough only in the past, already expanded in recent years whole and the bit that set tine, reamer, establish cutting tool of milling cutter, 3 blade milling cutter and whorl, gear to wait. The normal temperature hardness of WC, TiC is mixed for HV1780 respectively 3200, melting point is mixed for 2900 ℃ respectively 3200 ℃ . Difficult treatment material mixes these function Liu cutting improve treatment efficiency is very useful. Germany is the country that hard metal produces above all on the world, developed successful tungsten cobaltic alloy with pulverous metallurgy law 1923 (WC+Co) , made tungsten titanium cobalt again 1931 kind alloy (WC+TiC+Co) . To 20 centuries the later period in 30 time, the United States, Japan, England, Sweden all can produce hard metal. During the Second World War, hard alloy cutting tool already began to apply. Afterwar come 50 years, hard alloy serves as cutting tool, mould and wear-resisting material, get the development of advance rapidly. Breed is various, quality rises ceaselessly. In cutting tool respect, hard alloy makes the as mainest as what high-speed steel keeps abreast of cutting tool material. Compare with high-speed steel photograph, the sort of hard alloy and brand are very much, because this is right,its logical choice and application should give take seriously enoughly. In 20 centuries at the beginning of 50 time, metaphase, technology of the Russia before our country is introduced, built individual plant continent hard alloy factory; Built again later from tribute hard alloy factory. At that time, the product that regards cutting tool as material is drabber, the tungsten titanium cobaltic series that has cutting steel products only, YT5, YT14, YT15, YT30 and cutting are cast-iron as cobaltic as the tungsten of nonferrous metal series, YG8, YG6, YG3. As the development of career of science and technology, ceaseless emerge in large numbers gets all sorts of difficult treatment material apply extensively, as cutting tool cutting with brands of afore-mentioned common hard alloy all sorts of difficult treatment material already cannot satisfy overall demand, then industry of our country hard alloy develops development technology energetically, production gives a variety of new-style hard alloy. The first it is the raw material that uses tall purity, if use the 3 oxidation tungsten of the tungsten concentrate with low matter content and tall purity to wait; The 2nd it is to use advanced technology, if replace hydric agglomeration with vacuum agglomeration, substitute balata technology with olefin craft, with sparge or vacuum dry technology replaces vapour dry technology; The 3rd chemical constituent that is change alloy; The 4th structure that is tone whole alloy; The 5th it is to use exterior coating technology. Cent of new-style hard alloy is 5 kinds big, namely (the hard alloy that 1) adds tantalum, niobium; (2) fine grain and exceed fine grain hard alloy; (3)Ti(C, n) radical and TiC base hard alloy; (Hard alloy of 4) surface coating; (5) adds rare-earth element hard alloy. Article introduction adds the hard alloy of tantalum, niobium. The others 4 kinds will in succession brake is narrated. 2 add tantalum, niobium after TaC, NbC is being added in the category of hard alloy and function hard alloy, can raise high temperature intensity and normal temperature hardness, high temperature hardness effectively, refine grain, rise fight diffuse and fight oxidation tatty ability, raised wearability thereby. Still can increase in addition fight plasticity metabolic ability. Accordingly, cutting function is able to improve. Use the hard metal that adds tantalum, niobium normally, it is to raise the wear-resisting of hard alloy to a flight of steps leading to a palace hall, fight concussion ability and the versatility in using. The hard alloy cent that adds tantalum, niobium is two kinds big: (1)WC+Ta(Nb)C+Co kind be in namely in YC kind TaC, NbC was joined again on the foundation of alloy. If the YG6A of development of hard alloy mill mixes individual plant continent,YG8N belongs to this kind of alloy (watch 1) . The wearability of YG6A and YG8N and impact resistance all excel YG6 and YG8. This kind of alloy basically is used at treatment cast-iron with nonferrous metal. (2)WC+TiC+Ta(Nb)C+Co kind be in namely YT kind TaC, NbC was joined again on the foundation of alloy, in order to processes steel material. Individual brand also can be machined cast-iron. Breed of this kind of alloy is various, but Baconian rise can divide it is 3 kinds: ① is general kind: TiC content is 4 ~ 10 % , content of TaC, NbC is 4 ~ 8 % , co content is 6 ~ 8 % , integral performance is better, suitable scope is broad, can process rolled steel already, can machine again cast-iron with nonferrous metal, but index of function of its individual event does not compare alloy of common YT, YG strong. The brand such as YWl, YW2, YW3 is general kind of alloy (1) seeing a table. ② milling brand kind: Like TiC content ~ little at 10 % , taC content is as high as 10 ~ 14 % , co content also amounts to 10 % , basically use at milling cutter. After adding more TaC, raise alloy effectively fight mechanical concussion and the function that fight hot tearing; Match with the higher volume that contain Co, bending strength also tall. The YS30 of hard alloy factory, YS25, YDS15 reachs individual plant continent from tribute the YT798 of hard alloy factory belongs to this kind of alloy (watch 1) , titanium of ③ tall carbonization adds TaC, NbC kind: TiC content is in commonly 10 % above (have individually under 10 % person) , till 30 % . Add TaC, NbC about 5 % are the following, usable in order to replace the YT of each grade kind common alloy, wear-resisting function rises significantly. The YT30+TaC of hard alloy factory mixes individual plant continent from tribute the YT712 of hard alloy factory, YT715 belong to this kind of alloy (watch 1) . Note: It is except YT798, YT712, YT715 from tribute outside product of hard alloy factory, the others brand all is individual plant continent product of hard alloy factory, but two factories of YW1, YW2 are produced. Except add outside adding TaC, NbC, a little new-style a low bank of earth between fields pledges alloy still added Cr3C2, VC and W pink, Nb pink to wait. The affiliation of Cr3C2 and VC, can restrain alloy grain to be brought up, powdery criterion of W pink and Nb but aggrandizement felt photograph. Hard alloy factory mixes individual plant continent from tribute hard alloy factory is introducing foreign equipment and technology in recent years hind, built the hard alloy new series that adds tantalum, niobium respectively again, if express 2, the watch is shown 3 times. *YC25S also belongs to milling brand. The hard alloy name that adds tantalum, niobium is most, make a person dazzling. However according to P, m, the international category of K and level, it is not fathomless with what choose. Author of 3 cutting experiment is used common did not add Ta, the high strenth of cutting of hard alloy YT15(P10) of Nb 60Si2Mn(moves steel qualitative, HRC39 ~ 42) , with P10+Ta, nb hard alloy oppose is compared, p=1mm of cutting dosage α , f=0.

2mm/r, ° of 0=4 of γ of parameter of cutting tool geometry, α 0=8 ° , κ R=45 ° , RE=0.

8mm, λ S=-4 ° . If wear curve of its cutting tool and T- ν curve pursue L, graph is shown 2 times. The Taylor equation of T- ν curve is as follows: ν =174.


12" UnitName="m">0.

=176 of ν of 12m/min (YT15) .


12" UnitName="m">0.

11m/min (P10+Ta, nb) author uses the high strenth steel of 60Si2Mn of cutting of P01 hard alloy that did not add Ta again, make contrast with YT30(P01)+TaC hard alloy, α P=0.

5mm, f=0.

2mm/r, ν =115m/min, parameter of cutting tool geometry is Alexandrine. Wear curve of its cutting tool sees a picture 3. By the graph 1 ~ 3 visible, in add Ta, after Nb, the wearability of hard alloy razor blade and service life all have rise significantly. CNC Milling