Solve PU to machine medium color switch problem

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Nowadays, on the design of plastic products, colorific is applied take seriously for people place increasingly. Because,this is, bright beautiful colour always can make a person find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, make the world more much thereby appearance. However, in actual production, it is for instance in the treatment of PU product, the thing that the choice of color is a trouble making a person all the time however -- arduous and cost is high. According to traditional operation method, the switch of color means all equipment that contact with dye to must be mixed to purify by cleanness, this means need to suspend production namely, and the waste of the addition that handles cost and material. In addition, because switch color still was brought about,retreat what goods leads to rise. Change the color in be being machined to answer PU quickly to change a problem to the color of another batch from a batch, krauss-Maffei development went special mix up head and lubricious oar metric unit, can fast and undertake color switch easily, even if the production of small lot product as much such. In the meantime, the price with this kind of special mix up head and lubricious metric and unit oar also has competition ability very much. Above all, dye is joined in mixture phase in the mixing chamber of the head of MKULKP-2KVV+2K mix up of Krauss-Maffei, this system makes the color switch between batch becomes a possibility. Mix up head shares nozzle of 4 high pressure, among them 2 nozzle apply at PU raw material, additionally 2 nozzle are parted to use the lubricious starch with different eject. Nozzle can choose automatically to open or close position, such making aleatoric choice facial expression becomes a possibility. Mix up head has 2 type, discharge enclothes limits to be 40 ~ 550g/s. No matter be big shot or small shot, the dye mixture in the component is complete and even. The new-style miniature lubricious oar of Krauss-Maffei is metric and unit make the switch time of color is achieved the smallest, change commonly different color oar needs 15 ~ 20min only at most, what can complete the part that concerns with color is all change. Of mix up head and lubricious oar nozzle open with shutting is synchronism, they are common and same cover hydraulic pressure system, this means head of this mix up and lubricious oar although metric unit is applied on the lead plane of blame Krauss-Maffei, also be the simplest solution that achieves polychromatic treatment. Will tell to the user, head of this kind of polychromatic mix up and fast color switch were manufacturing coloured goods to bring unthinkable once upon a time advantage. CNC Milling