Treatment unit raises the dependability that evening shift works

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A horizontal machining center that fights hill is in those who configured company of a Fastems is flexible after tray warehouse system and treatment unit controller, improved the crop of the spare parts and treatment quality, removed very much not stable factor at the same time. Everyday before dawn 12: 30 when, the evening shift manager of processing factory of Westwood nice spare parts can put out what can choose on unit of the treatment that fight hill to stop switch, be in after believing firmly everybody already left a workshop, shut all floodlight, lock up workshop gate. Mr John Landau is the manufacturing manager of Washington Everett workshop, he admits, be opposite at first a bottle of hill (Doosan) the horizontal machining center of the company and the Fastems with its form a complete set hold system of make an inventory of goods in a warehouse in the palm to move below the circumstance of nightly and unmanned guard feel do not be at ease. However, installing a year half later, he expresses, what make to raise machine tool utilization rate to this system contribute and " surprised " , the utilization rate that works inside 24h of this machine tool now was achieved 94% . Besides improve productivity beyond, this machine tool is almost weekly 7 days, everyday 24h keeps nobody change an operation to move, decreased to debug the time related the setting, cost and energy with workpiece, the not stable change that still eliminated the likelihood on whole production catenary to happen at the same time. The job shops of this 35 people, the nicety of complex component machines the small lot in pursueing aerospace and medical treatment trade technically. Founded 1982 from this company since, the success that company president Mr Gordon Nisbet is this company and continue to develop made contribution. Spring 2010, in economic situation not quite below the circumstance of boom, he decides to purchase this to cover treatment unit, this is an investment with highest charge of this company odd pen, this also is a very big test to them. Mr Nisbet says: "Economic condition constituted menace, but rein in speed also strove for time to us, so that make the company can fit a situation, make its have more powerful competition ability, production efficiency, benefit and but foresight, can develop in the round better. " graph 1 bottle of hill (Doosan) machining center of the HP 4000 of the company horizontal has enough tigidity, can be led in tall feed and undertake this company decides puissant cutting below high speed condition, next development plans that achieve these goals are implementation automation. Resemble a lot of other job shops in that way, to any specific works, before deciding its cycle begins, the operation business of Westwood company people have a series of measure needs examine and verify: Cleared the setting previously, change clamping apparatus and motherboard, assemble and unassemble cutting tool, upload next course, spark start the first cutting tool and the lesser measure that implement a large number of other using up to produce time. If consider relief, bait, so its machine down time and relevant charge even will taller. In fact, if stop in the evening everyday machine, can lose the manufacturing time of whole evening shift so. To any equipment, working batch, type and dimensions decided the norms that some lead plane and workpiece store. The treatment of the spare parts of prism shape aluminous metal that is aimed at nicety of tolerancepublic errand dimension, the requirement uses machine tool of linkage of axis of X, Y, Z, the cutting tool measure that its use is in 20 ~ 100 between. The batch limits that the spare parts machines from 1 ~ 250 or more, but upright normally at 25 ~ 100 between. Size of measures typical public errand is 1/10, exterior quality requirement is very strict. As a result of the unpredictable sex that aerospace industry works, it is good that accordingly job shops wants precondition 30 or more treatment, when so that be in,needing, can process any work instantly. According to above these requirements and other requirement make this workshop reachs such conclusion: Need can have depth feed of puissant cutting, high speed and the rigid horizontal machining center that high speed runs, its repeat treatment precision to should hold the range of tolerancepublic errand dimension in 1/10 in. This machine tool should deploy by system of tray of computer pilot automation, and this system should expand quite, that is to say, when necessary the capability that job shops needs to increase tray, below probable condition, can join configuration controls a function newly. Through careful consideration, this company introduced machining center of a HP 4000 horizontal from Doosan company, introduced a FPM750 from Fastems company model flexible tray warehouse system (FPM) with treatment unit controller (graph 2) . Graph 2 this companies set project of many treatment exercise beforehand, store ahead of schedule the FPM that is in Fastems company is flexible the main shaft rotate speed of machining center of horizontal of this 4 axes is the Nextpage inside tray library container 14000r/min, its are highest feed rate is 1181in/min (1in=25.

4mm, similarly hereinafter) fast shift speed is 2362in/min, its machinery function agrees with the treatment requirement of this workshop workpiece. Commanding a respect, the system of Fanuc 31i CNC that its distribute to have software of AICC Nano II high speed offerred 200 block to book positional computation, in order to maintain its the high speed in process of much axis linkage and tall feed rate move. In addition, 30hp of this machine tool (1hp=0.

75kW) main shaft, can make its undertake needs thick cutting is machined, in the meantime, its have the ATC of 262 cutting tool to change knife device automatically to have sufficient capacity, reduce the time changing a knife between exercise to the greastest extent. Serve cent of this locality of company and Doosan company to sell business to wait for the joint efforts of project technology personnel through machine tool of Fastems company, Doosan company, CNC, the 48 tray FPM that this machine tool configured to be comprised by 3 administrative levels is flexible tray warehouse system. This FPM includes to lade the spare parts uses debug a setting station and a stacker crane that carry tray back and forth between container. And the control system that processes unit has function of cutting tool monitoring, can store class action kit, have inside debug setting data table, blue print and other and crucial data, the staff member can use them through the password (graph 3) . Graph what 3 stations are on the side of treatment unit is Mr Landau, and Mr Jason Vise is debugging setting station to work. Mr Landau says: "One of this advantages that machine unit controller are OK remote control management. This makes this company and 3 suppliers of crucial system can upload a program through Internet, debug call the police or monitoring operation. " before this system takes a plant, debug installation technician Mr Jason Vise is busying all the time prepare for this system the job. His say: "All spare partses are aluminium makes work, because the abhorrent sex of black metal stuff may be brought about,be in a few problems produce during operating line of business without lamplight. What cannot forecast in a few schedule still include to duplicate a part in the job that is chosen. Prepare these spare parts aux will be able to to make they complete the treatment of these spare partses quickly quite ahead of schedule, won't affect other jobs consequently. " begin in production before long, the advantage with new unit treatment becomes very apparent. Mr Vise says: "A of spare time main factor is this ability that machines unit controller, it can arrange the priority that the job plans according to crucial variable, what include the life of cutting tool of delivery requirement, process designing and cutting tool among them is practical. "These all attempering plan, the key that inputs to each type of work according to us is variable, arrange automatically in controlling a system. " " the according to a series of complex conditions flexibility that arranges a plan automatically afresh, make inventory decreased, cash flowed momentum to rise. " Mr Landau says. He listed an instance, to satisfy two different and urgenter job need, this control system suggests skip over leaves a job. "The dimensions that works according to these 3, periodic time and delivery ask, decide we can be finished with consign two lesser jobs, and still enough time plans to carry out by original work, the date of delivery that won't ask to place causes any incur loss through delay. " the HMC horizontal machining center of Doosan company has the advantage with distinct oneself. Mr Landau says: "The tigidity of this machine tool, make its can undertake more puissant cutting with rapidder rate and higher feed rate. " a special treatment project since his after-thought, the case that this involves measurement of a batch of narrow common difference treatment. After new horizontal machining center is installed before long, workshop general treatment transfers the treatment on this new horizontal machining center from a different machine tool. Set of its feed rate is on 150% levels, new machine tool finishs the handling time of every spare parts to be 225s, than before the handling time of the machine tool shortens 50% . In addition, the sort of special cutting tool is combined, agree with the spare parts is led in taller feed and treatment moves below higher rate, and the exterior quality of material rose nearly 50% . The cutting with relatively clean whole is machined, leave out major handiwork goes burr craft, reduced the handling time that the operation needs 2 times, make the handling time of every spare parts falls from former 7min to 1min the following. Compare with the machine tool photograph previously, this workshop must lower feed rate, in order to satisfy the requirement of dimension of spare parts public errand, because this spare parts is installed the coping in gravestone type clamping apparatus or be far from tray workbench. "Cutting tool can leave bearing surface enough to be apart from the job far, resemble a very long lever, " Mr Landau explanation says. "The tray workbench that we see and coupling the error between is too big. However, on the machine tool of Doosan company, although move with the speed of 150% , still won't produce deviation phenomenon. " these benefit particularly remarkable, a whole that because the surface of the spare parts includes radius of a 3D and combination of a straight wall,becomes. This needs X, Y and work of Z axis linkage. In these athletic processes, can save many periodic time, include the consideration of cutting tool method among them, and a lot of CNC systems are to cannot handle these content. Below similar case, CNC system can restrain process designing feed to lead normally. However, this is unchallenged to Fanuc CNC system, have 200 block because of it before look up ability. "Besides productivity and spare parts quality rise besides, the what issue that this treatment unit still decided to the company should notice in setting respect afresh. " Mr Vise says. Related to before change shifts duty photograph is compared, use every week 7 days, everyday the duty of 24h, decreased to treatment is interrupted unitly and stay machine intermittence time. Mr Landau complement says: "It is more easy that its produce control, carry out more effective. We had eliminated the change of a lot of dots in producing chain. Aborning, we did not see those who resemble appearing before the sort of aiguille phenomenon. What we see is taller with straighter linear chart, this is a first-rate thing really. This is a first-rate thing really.. CNC Milling