Walk along silk thread cut quickly to machine the control of workpiece surface surface roughness

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The summary dogs from power source of software of machine tool structure, control, dielectric fluid, treatment and feed a few respects, the analysis walks along machine tool of silk thread cut quickly to process the account with workpiece surface tall surface roughness. Adopt to system of silk of canister of lay aside silk, guide pulley, carry, main transfer machinery, process designing improve measure, reduced workpiece surface surface roughness finally. The keyword walks along blemish of machine tool of surface roughness of silk thread cut quickly to control the graph in measure to classify label of date TG659 document to pile up B numerical control to take machine tool of silk thread cut quickly, as a result of its structure and the blemish that command software respect, the workpiece surface surface roughness that its machine is taller, cannot satisfy the need of product precision. But its are low-cost, use maintenance is convenient, still have broad user. Effective control walks along machine tool of silk thread cut quickly to machine workpiece surface surface roughness, right reasonable use this kinds of machine tool to have important sense. For this, undertook technically study to this task, apply research positive result in mould product line, reduced a mould to machine exterior surface roughness substantially, workload of arenaceous light of the foreword after was being reduced. One, the account that line cut processes blemish to arise 1. Machine tool structure is undesirable the structure of line cut machine tool is undesirable the surface roughness that cause exceeds bid. Because take the carry silk system of machine tool of silk thread cut quickly,be mix by canister of lay aside silk, oriented guide pulley dominant annulus is formed, platinic silk high speed is roundtrip move, carry the pulse power supply that is increased between key silk and workpiece, form scintilla discharge to achieve frit corrode metal to achieve treatment goal. Electrode silk shakes, running tensile force reversely abhorrent, surface roughness of metropolis accentuation surface. Electrode silk shakes can make discharge passageway inhomogenous, and make workpiece discharge hole is increased. Electrode silk is running tensile force reversely abhorrent, can cause treatment face to machine stripe to deepen (when cut ply thinner, feed dogs when rate is older more serious) . 2. Because walk along silk thread cut quickly to use linear interpolation operation to undertake feed is compensated more,control software blemish, when the machine tool has diagonal and curvilinear cut, if cut speed is more than electrode silk radius 0.

When 10mm, occurrence interpolation stripe, cut rate is older, streak is deeper. 3. Machine tool main transfer machinery is undesirable machine tool main transfer machinery is undesirable the surface roughness that cause. The lathe bed that takes silk thread cut quickly procrastinates move, enter gear of electric machinery, drive and ball guide screw to drive by the pace commonly procrastinate board make lathe bed moves on slideway. When main transfer machinery is undesirable, can cause break pace, much pace and linearity undesirable breakdown, these breakdown will be aggravating cut stripe, make surface roughness greatens. 4. Dielectric fluid is undesirable dielectric fluid is online in cut machine tool, basically rise form discharge passageway action, cool at the same time workpiece and end of catharsis purify metal. Treatment medium fluid distributes too longer than unreasonable, use time metamorphism, water supply stability of discharge of influence of not equal metropolis, cause surface roughness to increase. 5. Treatment power source and feed dog undesirable because line cut machine tool basically is to rely on discharge to finish,machine, treatment power source and feed dog systematic stand or fall, immediate impact machines quality. Corrode of odd pulse discharge divides an amount abhorrent, can cause treatment size of face discharge hole is differ. Discharge dogs undesirable, can make electrode silk feed inhomogenous, the discharge trench with long retention period is deep, surface roughness greatens. 2, solve measure 1.

Of canister of lay aside silk run those who adjust canister of lay aside silk should smooth, without abnormal vibration, of the circle outside platen brace up place should < 0.

03mm, backlash should < 0.

05mm, axial change momentum should comb-out, surface of job of canister of lay aside silk should have better exterior precision, general Ra0.

8 μ M. After the machine tool runs period of time, general 3 months check 2 ~ radial and jumpy quantity should < 0.

01mm, jumpy quantity exceeds mark to be able to adjust bearing, eliminate bearing gap. If cannot be eliminated, the circle outside canister of lay aside silk is being ground again after can be being demolished and the axial diameter that cooperate with bearing, change eligible bearing. Because of,primary machine tool uses shaft coupling of two axes flexibility easy attaint, change 3 ungual stretch shaft coupling, use effect is better. 2.

Common machine tool has guide pulley assembly assembly of guide pulley of a few different forms, operating period of eligible guide pulley assembly does not exceed 3 months for full load job, achieve discard as useless guide pulley assembly of the standard, should change guide pulley and complete set bearing. Guide pulley should choose the eligible product with reliable quality, the circular arc radius of guide pulley V bottom land, must be less than the radius that uses electrode silk, hardness should > > 56HRC above. Chosen bearing, should check have move without radial and axial change, use bearing to guide pulley, the roll that use a hand should not have calorie of block, clearance qualification. When installation, should notice to be not used puissant, do not make the coat inside bearing produces impact. The clear lotion that bearing must use clean (like kerosene) clean, grease of strong right amount high speed is filled inside guide pulley component. Electrode silk maintains implement, roundtrip to electrode silk run a spacing function, can raise positional precision, have the effect that to certain elimination electrode silk shakes, its install the position to want to make commonly electrode silk and maintain implement advocate have constant pressure. 3. The attention in carrying filar system works observes carry silk system has as good as noisy, inverting is smooth. Operation personnel should notice filar tensile force, cut should tighten silk in time for some time. To adjustable silk wears a machine tool, move filar wearing span as far as possible small, make dominant annulus approachs work, in order to reduce electrode silk vibration. 3, the problem that solves control software blemish to cause 1. As a result of,notice process designing skill when 20mm of cut ply > , software blemish influence is minor, accordingly, cut is smaller when workpiece, should notice to use lesser treatment plan to allow, dog with slower frequency conversion speed, control a system to YH, average rate ≤ 80mm/min, cut photograph is linear workpiece to machine tool coordinate but need not consider. To the intricate work with succeed arenaceous difficult light, usable repeat cut twice the method of above, when writing machine program, reach cut size surely be apart from real measure 0.

1mm left and right sides, reach actual size via 2 3 second cut. 2. Machine tool main transfer machinery adjusts main transfer machinery of the machine tool when leaving factory, manufacturer home determines strictly already, but classics is long breakdown can appear after using. When machine tool system in good condition, operation is not had by accident when, taller, machine tool does not answer occurrence surface roughness 0, workpiece geometry dimension exceeds bid, can suspecting is machine tool main transfer machinery has trouble. Undesirable to linearity, but cut round sample and photograph to machine tool coordinate the quadrate sample of 45 ° , learn cut way, if round sample is better, be scared of 45 ° quadrate sample, explain linearity is undesirable. Adjusting a method is: The nut that loosens guide screw and lathe bed are linked together first, whether is looking handwheel or gear and guide screw join not agile, sample is cut again after been adjust. If the machine tool cuts surface roughness of 45 ° quadrate sample to amount to mark, but geometrical dimension exceeds bid, explain machine tool slideway has a problem, should ask professional processing. 3. Notice machine tool change operates personnel to should notice the machine tool changes at any time at any time, nurturance cut machine program is right the habit of 0. If discover handwheel is close, after the machine tool is machined, do not answer 0, the ball that the discovery when wiping lathe bed falls off, answer to be mirrorred in time to maintenance technician. Notice workpiece weight, should not exceed a machine tool to bearing ability, fall when makings, the attention does not pound lathe bed directly, the workpiece that hold card takes put down gently gently. 4, power source of working fluid, treatment and dog undesirable the problem that create 1. Treatment job fluid works to treatment fluid, should choose the product that the manufacturer recommends. In using, should notice chroma wants reasonable, keep clean. Working fluid is nigrescent when agglomerating, answer to change in time. Assure continuous feed flow, quantity developing fluid wants enough, assure the stability that discharge machines. It is normal that the mouth should enter the water to give fluid on seasonable examination. 2. Power source and power source compasses allow power source and power source compasses to allow to choose, it is stability and the foundation that machine reliably. If discover the machine tool appears to dog easy fracture of wire, not easily, explain pulse power source has trouble. Be like: Lead apparent prep above to use electric height with effect of the treatment when electric trough, explain ability of machine tool interference rejection has a problem, transformer of outfit stabilized voltage can be added in power source side. Compasses of pulse power source chooses definitely, include interval of pulse width, pulse, power to provide amount, short circuit or peak value electricity. Every machine tool, manufacturer can is opposite the choice with accurate gauge is done define. Operation personnel wants to be read seriously, but the specialty that the workpiece of cut has him, should combine actual Qing Dynasty besides, the arteries and veins with right choice is compared between wide, arteries and veins, adjust an appropriate treatment rate (frequency conversion dogs speed) , control the exterior surface roughness of workpiece effectively so, improve treatment efficiency. Pulse width decides odd pulse energy, energy of wide bigger odd pulse jumps over arteries and veins big, treatment surface roughness increases but stabilize treatment easily. Pulse interval should come according to the ply of cut workpiece make choice of, manufacturer can give out to this corresponding parameter. Frequency conversion dogs speed, want a basis to machine electric current (see ammeter) achieve peak value electric current 70% will decide. In be being machined actually, the rate that should see number show is stable, cannot first fast hind slow (dog too) , or first slow hind fast (owe dog) , control a system to YH, average rate had better is one constant value, metabolic Yue Xiaoyue is good. According to afore-mentioned principles, make a machine tool that suits this unit cut large capacity and feed to stabilize cut speedometer, reduce surface roughness of treatment workpiece surface in order to achieve, raise the goal that manufactures efficiency. CNC Milling